Big Little Lies

Lianne Moriarty's book Big Little Lies was adapted by HBO in 2017 and both the book and the show deal with themes of secrecy, violence, friendships, family, careers, and the bond between women. The Good Doctors watched the show and discussed its themes in a 3-part blog series. They'll do the same for Season 2, whenever it's dropped on HBO. 

 Photo: IMDB

Photo: IMDB

Performing or Being? 

One of the biggest themes in Big Little Lies is authenticity versus performance. Are we being our actual, authentic selves in a given interaction, or are we putting on a performance? 

Leadership question: authenticity is what drives trust which drives employee engagement. What does authenticity look like in a work environment?

 Photo: IMDB

Photo: IMDB

The Myth of Having It All

In this post, we explored the idea of 'having it all' in the cultural battle between 'working moms' and 'stay at home moms'. As two women without children, we are outsiders to this conversation, but it comes up in nearly every professional female space we're in, so watching the treatment of it in the show was fascinating. 

Leadership question: are we paying attention to women?


Abuse Is About Control

Lianne Moriarty has said this book is about dangerous secrets and how they allow abuse to fester. If Dr. Donnelly had to sum up the show in one phrase, that's exactly how she'd do it. In this post, the Drs delve into domestic violence, and Dr. Donnelly gives concrete tips on how to deal with it in the workplace. 

Leadership question: do you know who in your area to refer an employee to if they disclose violence at home?