Five Friday Favorites: October 14th

This one could be called "Five Friday Favorites: Feminist Edition", as that has largely occupied my thinking and reading this week. People popped up in my newsfeeds and on my television screens this week to say that bragging about sexual assault is a normal and acceptable behavior. It is not. Here are some resources I valued this week regarding that conversation. 

1. The HBO movie "Confirmation", which aired earlier this year. Telling the story of Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas, the movie demonstrates the lengths to which some people will go to discredit the stories and voices of women, as well as showing how far our cultural understanding of sexual harassment has come. 


2. Michelle Obama's speech in New Hampshire this past week. While it was a campaign stop for Hillary Clinton and some of the speech focuses on why people should vote for Secretary Clinton, what I'd like to draw your attention to is the first few minutes. With a shaking voice, she admits the public commentary about women's bodies has 'shaken her to her core' and I know many women who would agree. 


3. Kelly Oxford asked women on Twitter to share their story of the first time they were assaulted. Thousands upon thousands of responses later, the feed paints a clear photo of systemic behavior. NPR reported on it here. 

4. In a powerful reminder that this is not a political issue as much as it a human one, GOP member Marybeth Glenn took to Twitter this week to sound off on her party's nominee. She called for other GOP members to condemn the nominee's language about women. Elle Magazine wrote about it here.

5. Many news outlets and media commentary sites are posting things regarding self-care for sexual assault survivors in light of the topic being generally inescapable at the moment. One of the more interesting to me was from MTV, with its focus on advice, permission, consent, and resources. 

This has clearly been occupying my focus this week; what's been occupying yours? Get in touch to share resources and respond.