Lessons and Questions from 2016

One of the most important times of the year is the last week of it. Not only to make sure finances are in order for your business or non-profit, but for you as a leader and as a person. In spite of the chaos around you - children out of school, relatives visiting, holiday travel, skeleton crew at work - you must set aside time to reflect on the year. 

There are a lot of business blogs which can help you focus on the tactics of your business as you reflect and plan. This one is meant to remind you to focus on the emotions as well. As you carve out mental time over the next several days to look back on 2016 and forward to 2017, we encourage you to keep the following questions in mind. 

- What would my team say my greatest accomplishment was this year? 

- What new habit did I pick up this year that I want to carry into next year? 

- What experience shaped me the most? 

- What book/movie/video game/television show did I consume that shifted my thinking? 

- Did I spend as much time as I needed to on myself or with my family?

- As a leader, how did I empower my team this year? Is that an area of growth? 

- As a leader, who is my most frustrating employee? How will I seek to nurture growth in that person, or help that person find a role that suits them better?

- What will make me happy in the next year and is that achievable? 

Emotional intelligence, self-reflection, cultural competency - these are all phrases thrown around so often in leadership that they may seem like white noise. However, they are imperative concepts and should not be neglected.