When I started Abbey Research, I wanted to create a firm that could serve a variety of companies, non-profits, organizations, community groups, with professional research at accessible pricing. Most research firms and universities only entertain large-scale projects, working with Big Data or large grants. Abbey Research isn't interested in that; we excel at small projects answering large question with tangible results. 

Yesterday, we presented findings at a missionary agency in Southeastern Pennsylvania. They asked us to investigate how their administration was serving their employees and we designed a project to help them answer that efficiently and effectively. We conducted interviews and analyzed the data, providing them with four tangible action points they could work on immediately to improve their organization. 

Perhaps we can do the same for you. In a total time span of about three months, from consultation to presentation, that agency was able to get data to answer their question, and steps to implement their answers. Does that interest you? Please get in touch; I look forward to connecting. 

All the best, 

Dr. Kristen Donnelly