Validation of Knowledge

Sometimes when I {Dr. Donnelly} am discussing possible projects with clients, they say something like "well, I probably know the answer, but could you ask this anyway..." They frequently say it sheepishly, as though they're wasting my time. 

I quickly assure them that I'd be happy to ask that question as part of their project! While gut instincts or common knowledge are both often super helpful in making leadership decisions, having data to validate that gut is also key. 

For example, we had a client recently who had a feeling their website wasn't reaching their target audience. When presented with the data that confirmed that feeling, they felt confident and more justified in making changes. 

Without data, gut assumptions aren't often enough to make bankable business decisions on. By asking a few simple questions as part of a survey, or in an interview, Abbey Research can then collect and analyse the data to validate that gut feeling and help your organization move forward with confidence.