Five Friday Favorites: August 26

Every Friday, we'll be featuring products, companies, learning opportunities, fun things, etc., that peaked our interest, made our lives easier, or made us happy this week. The list is compiled by Abbey Research staff.

Peter Day's World of Business is an excellent business podcast, combining content both from BBC Radio 4 (mostly UK focused) and BBC World Service (global). 

At the intersection of business, public service, and humanity's belief in protecting children, stands the current investigation into the pricing of the Epi-Pen. This analysis of the situation and Mylan's commitment to providing coupons from Vox is thought provoking. 

Previously.TV provides a new show fact sheet about Cleveland Hustles, LeBron's new entreprenurial competition show. 

This charming StoryCorps story about a family HVAC business in Atlanta. 

This story from the BBC on why "verbing" is so annoying. 

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