What Is Reddit?

What is Reddit?

For many people, especially those not very computer savvy, the website Reddit is a seemingly scary and unapproachable site. The website that bills itself as ‘The Front Page of the Internet’ has an almost endless stream of new information. While that may seem daunting, Reddit can be used as a helpful resource for keeping up with trends and even making new contacts.

Every day on Reddit hundreds of thousands of articles and discussions are taking place over a vast array of topics. Despite this overabundance of information, Reddit is completely customizable for the individual user. A few easy steps and you can have your Reddit account updating you on any topic of interest for you or your business.

Step one is as simple as creating a new account. The next thing you’ll want to do is ‘subscribe’ to a few subreddits. A subreddit is essentially just a Reddit page that is about a specific topic. In the photo below you will notice in the top left there is a spot that says ‘My Subreddits’.


The list in the top left corner shows the subreddits this particular account is subscribed to. You can see some of them are Finance, Entrepreneur, Business etc. While this step is easy, it is very important as it serves as a list of topics that will show up on your Reddit frontpage.

Your next goal is to familiarize yourself with the functionality of the website. The photo above is our staff member's Reddit homepage that he sees whenever he logs in. You will notice that many different subreddits are represented on this page. To keep it simple, these are the links and discussions Reddit believes are most relevant to your interests. The frontpage is a great place to scan the day’s news and topics of discussion. If the user wants more specific information, they can click on one of the subreddits. For example if you clicks on the technology subreddit, then the entire page will only be information about technology. The longer you use the site you realize that Reddit can be a great place for both very broad or very specified information.   

This was a very basic introduction to Reddit. In the future we will cover more in depth information such as how and what to post, the best business subreddits and how to make the most of your Reddit experience.