4 Tips for Millennial-Friendly Websites

1. Make It Simple

Millennials want everything streamlined and easy to access. When they enter a site, Millennials expect to find the information they are looking for quickly and with relative ease.  A lot of clutter, walls of text or a confusing layout will cause millennials to become frustrated and oftentimes leave the site altogether. Make sure your information is clear, concise and accessible. One last piece of advice, avoid any auto-playing videos or music. This is often distracting and will give the user another excuse to find a different website.

2. Make It Mobile Friendly

This really cannot be stressed enough, but make sure your website works properly on smartphones. There are so many companies that create a wonderfully designed website only to neglect mobile users. The mobile experience is sometimes so bad it will turn the user away from a website. With so many millennials using their smartphones as a means to search the web, mobile accessibility should be a top priority.


3. Make It Social Media Savvy

While casually surfing the internet, it becomes fairly obvious that for many companies their social media presence is an afterthought. Most companies realize they need to connect to Facebook or Instagram, yet they don’t take advantage of them as a resource. Instead of the powerful tool social media can be, social media is often seen as just another box to tick when creating a website.

However, if done properly social media can be a valuable asset for any company’s website. The key is to become actively involved. Your social media team or person should be actively posting and creating interesting content. Millennials want their social media to be engaging and entertaining. Make them laugh, make them think. A calculated and robust social media presence will help connect to your customers and can ultimately create brand loyalty.

4. Make It Personal

Two major things Millennials want are a more personal connection and to not feel pushed and pressured. Therefore it is important that when using your website to reach Millennials, make sure that they don’t feel like they are being pitched too. Make your message more personal and avoid generic terms or idioms. Be transparent with your website’s language. Often a Millennial will leave a website if they sense an ulterior motive to what they reading or watching. It is much more effective to be forthcoming and direct. Millennials are most likely to respond positively if they sense you’ve dropped the sales pitch for a more personal interaction.