Five Friday Favorites: November 3


It's been a week, eh? So much happening in the world that you may feel overwhelmed trying to sort through it all. We often do! Especially for those of us whose work isn't a 9-5, M-F thing (we're thinking parents, entrepreneurs, shift workers, military folks, etc. In other words, if we're honest, most of us...), making sure you're both plugged in and not overwhelmed can be a serious challenge. So, in this edition of FFF, we're going to introduce you to some of the places we head for info that you may not have heard of. 


1. The Skimm. In your inbox every weekday morning at 6am, The Skimm is a curated list of all of the current events you need to know, complete with quick explanations if you're lost (their coverage of the Japanese election, for example, was super helpful). Plus, their site has just kicked off a series of great videos, including something called Sip n Skimm, where the two founders interview influential folks so we get their news from their view. Below is one from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, complete with coverage about his socks. 

2. Vote411. This is ESPECIALLY important this week for Americans, as we head to the polls on Tuesday. As all politics are local, let's be honest, elections that seem "small" are essential. If you're not sure of your polling place, or if you have no idea what the Office of the Comptroller really does, then head here and find out. They provide a clear summation of what each candidate's public platform is so you can make an informed decision. 

3. The Ringer. Covering sports and pop culture, most of these folks used to write for Grantland (RIP) and bring thoughtful, passionate, and hilarious coverage to whatever they touch. As a huge podcast fan, Dr. Donnelly also listens regularly to Bachelor Party, The Watch, and Jam Session. 

4. BBC Podcasts. Speaking of podcasts, do you commute to work? Would you like to listen to a soothing voice in a generic British accent tell you what disasters befell us all overnight? Then the World Service's World Update pod is for you. Are you a fan of the arts and those who create them? Then check out Front Row. They've also got programs for kiddos, radio dramas, country specific pods (The Donnellys are eagerly awaiting the next series of The Blame Game), and more. Poke around!

5. Finally, make sure to support local media, especially your local paper. If you're not a physical newspaper reader, it's still really cheap to subscribe digitally and help ensure that local issues which matter to your neighbors doesn't get lost in the global shuffle.