5 Friyays: December 1st


In this installment of Five Friday Favorites, I'm Dr. Donnelly and I'll be sharing today. We often think of this series as a show-and-tell from primary school days - and we're showing you some behind the scenes conversations. For this week, my conversations were random - I juggled a lot of balls at our parent company plus am in Washington, D.C. today for some connections with AR colleagues. So, here's my brain as it stands on this Friday morning. 

1. The first day of any new month means a new set of Book of the Month selections. Curated choices from a diverse group of judges, BOTM allows you to choose from 5 books as your selection of the month, as well as add 2 additional books for a small fee. It's a little jolt of joy each month to see what new tale I'll be engrossed in. If you're a bookworm, or are looking for a good holiday gift for a bookworm, check this out!

2. I've talked about The Skimm before - Dr. Hinson and I both use it daily - but on this hectic week where my own life and national news were both happening at 4,000 miles per hour, I was more thankful than ever. A quick email delivered to your inbox every morning promptly at 6am, you get a 5 minute summary of everything you need to know that day, complete with links to chase details if you choose. 


3. I am 100% here for Meghan and Harry, y'all. In the category of "things that make me happy", people finding love and joy is always at the top of the list. I mean LOOK AT THAT PHOTO! It's about seven romance novels I read this year come to life and I'm just so delighted for them. That pic, by the way, is snagged from Town and Country Magazine and is my favorite of the engagement announcement deluge. I make that face at my husband when he's being ridiculous. Royals are humans! Love it. 

4. As we're preparing for our first quarter focus on bravery, I'm re-reading a lot of Brene Brown's work on it. I'm digging into some of her recommendations (currently reading: Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson) and her lectures. If you've never seen her TED talk on vulnerability, set aside 20ish mins and do yourself a favor. 

(Y'all, I told you this week was random. Royals to TED Talks in one click. Welcome to my week.)

5. Brexit hurdles on, and the questions regarding Northern Ireland and the Irish border are not being answered. My most trusted source for analysis is my colleague from Queen's University Belfast, Katy Hayward. The best way to keep track of the ongoing drama is her Twitter feed and it is one of my first clicks each morning. There were particular developments this week and I was reminded again of her social science insights and necessary voice in this malarkey. 

That's it for this week from me. What's been rattling around in your brain? Comment below!