Five Friday Favorites: April 28

Some things we've been thinking about this week that we wanted to raise to your attention. Never a guaranteed endorsement, just contributions to public debate. 

1. Here at Abbey Research, we believe history is important. In order to understand where we're going, we have to understand where we've been, where we are and what work it took to get there. It's why this article from NPR on poisonous origins of modern medicine is so fascinating.

2. While evangelical Protestantism exists in public space, there are so many elements of it (especially during the 1990s and 2000s) which occurred out of the public eye. One of those was the martyrdom obsession post-Columbine. Vox covered this last week and it's a piece we haven't stopped thinking about. 

3. One of sport's premiere events is ramping up in Bermuda - the America's Cup. This article from The Register covers some interesting challenges the British team faces in their pursuit of glory. 

4. Since today Dr. Donnelly is at a reunion at the Diana R. Garland School of Social Work at Baylor University, where she earned her MSW in Macrosocial Community Practice, we thought we'd link to this website on exactly what the profession is and the skill sets it offers to the wider culture. 

5. Angela Merkel spoke in German parliament this week on Brexit, saying that it will not be as easy as Britain thinks it will be. There are many citizens of the U.K. who agree with her, which makes the fact that their own PM does not even more frustrating. 

What interesting things have you read, watched, or listened to this week? Get in touch!