Virtual Reality in the ‘Real World’: Business Ideas and Applications

We all watched as Virtual Reality devices and technologies inundated the market during the most recent winter holiday season. News reports and articles highlighting the addition of VR headsets on most Christmas lists introduced to many what the business world already knew: virtual reality is on the cutting edge of new media and technologies.

Much like our previous post on the impact of 3D printing on business, we would like to present some basic ideas on how this new and inventive technology could improve your business approach. The most exciting implication of any new technology is that it can create experiences for people (and businesses) that are not otherwise possible.

As new technology becomes cheaper and easier to produce, its implications become more readily applicable to various fields. VR technology can therefore be viewed as a new medium in which to present information. Communicating ideas and information to your potential employees or consumers is an element facet of any successful business.

Here at Abbey Research we set out to explore how virtual reality can make your business a stronger, more effective communicator? Similarly to 3D printing and other new tech innovations, virtual reality technology allows for greater experimentation, prototyping, manufacturing, product design, and marketing. In the recent tech boom, VR has been used to conduct interviews, enhance job skills, provide training, hold virtual meetings, and develop marketing strategies. At the heart of these new technologies is globalization and the interconnectedness of business and global culture.

Throughout our everyday life we expect to be able to communicate with people around the world in a variety of mediums and platforms. These tech advances certainly impact our ability to communicate and interact on a professional level. Whether hosting VR hiring sessions for a new office opening in Shanghai or embedding your new marketing strategy into a VR presentation, the applications for virtual reality are limitless. Virtual reality technology allows for the creative and effective communication of information across cultural, geographical, and linguistic boundaries. Though its most popularly associated with advances in the gaming industry, it could also have a noticeable impact on your business approach.