Five Friday Favorites: September 29

This week, I (Dr. Donnelly) am taking the helm entirely. I'm currently working on a few conference presentations about self-care and the consumption of art as part of it and found myself digging up a whole lot of clips of the competition television show So You Think You Can Dance

Below are five of the dances I recommend in my workshops or have used in teaching as illustrations. I've included explanations, because I know dance is not a language everyone speaks. However, I strongly believe that part of leadership is being as fluent as possible in as many languages as possible so we can most effectively communicate to our teams. Thus, as a non-dancer and certified klutz, I've learned dance. 

1. "Gravity" by Sara Barellies

In this dance, Kupono represents Kayla's addiction, which she spends the majority of this powerful dance fighting. The choreographer, Mia Michaels, commented that this addiction could be anything. Drugs, perfectionism, eating, external praise... anything. Clinically, an addition is anything that controls you and destroys your agency. Thus, I'm a pretty firm believer that we all suffer from that disease at various points in our life, even if for only a season. 

As leaders in a world that is grappling with opioid epidemics, taking addiction seriously and stripping it of it's dehumanizing stigmas is part of our responsibility. This dance speaks to that. 

2. "Fix You" by Coldplay

The bit that precedes the dance explains that this is about supporting loved ones through tough times - something we are all familiar with. 

3. "Dhoom Tana" 

Bollywood is something everyone should experience. This particular dance was my gateway into the world, which only got richer when I had the opportunity to travel to India in 2010. Joshua, by the way, is a hip-hop dancer, and Katee is contemporary, so also feel free to marvel at how they learned this entirely different style in a week and remember that we can all do hard things. 

4. "Still I Rise" by Maya Angelou

Didn't think people could dance to spoken word? Think again, y'all. This was only a few weeks ago at the posting of this blog and I believe I have watched it eleventy billion times. 

5. "Outta Your Mind" by Lil' John and LMFAO

Humans are incredible and joyful and fun and strong and capable. This clip reminds me of that when I forget. Alex Wong (the man who starts the dance on the couch) is a ballet dancer. Twitch (his partner) is a renowned hip-hop dancer. If you didn't know that, I wonder if we could tell who was in their genre and who was out.