Measuring Means Metrics

Welcome back to our series on goal setting for 2018. Earlier this week, we covered the importance of specificity and now we'll talk about metrics. 

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If you are like Dr. Donnelly and hate numbers, then 'metrics' may seem really overwhelming. She was in a leadership seminar several years ago where the organizer asked for her metrics for success and she froze. What metrics? Am I supposed to have metrics? Am I a colossal failure of a leader if I don't?! Thankfully, the seminar went on to include tips on creating metrics, which she immediately put into practice and now want to pass on to you. 

'Metrics' are simply the way to measure a given goal. If your goal is get published in an academic journal this year, a good metric will be which journals are you going to submit to. See, not all metrics are numbers! 

At our sister company, Abbey Color, a key metric for performance is to have 99% on-time delivery each month. This is tracked in a spreadsheet and a company-wide meeting is held each month to discuss success rates. Since they deal with shipping internationally, they realized long ago that 100% was an unachievable metric, since so much was out of their control. After several months of tracking, they decided 99% was routinely achievable and made that the target. Put a button in that 'achievable' comment; we'll be getting back to that next time.

So, keys to making SMART goals this year is to make sure they're strategic and measurable. Here's a few more examples: 

Goal: Get more engagement on Instagram. More is too fuzzy, change to: A 200% increase in comments by Q3. 

Goal: Make employee evaluations easier this year. Easier is too fuzzy, change to: Re-write employee evaluation form to include two cultural components and change from annual to quarterly/annual. 

Goal: Get healthier. WAY TOO FUZZY, change to: Replace soda with seltzer water or make three lunches per week vegetable-based. 

We hope that makes sense and is spurring some thinking. We'll be back next week with the third step in SMART goals: achievable.