Fresh Year, Fresh Start

Here at Abbey Research, we're not so keen on resolutions. They're frequently unmeasurable and over-enthusiastic ("I'll cut out all carbs immediately!" "I will go to the gym 3x/week even though I've never been!") and set people up for unproductive feelings of shame. Dr. Hinson talked last week about her mental shift to intentions and why that's more helpful language, but we don't want anyone to think we don't believe in setting goals or in making changes. 

Value curiosity. Encourage the _why_ questions.Celebrate exploration.Cultivate bravery.#2018Goals.png

We are big fans of change around here, because we're big fans of growth. And to be honest, January is a great time to re-evaluate your growth strategies for the year, both personally and professionally. For some organizations, the year is literally fresh as their fiscal year starts Jan 1. For others, it's more symbolic, but that calendar page turn is not a small thing. 

Goals are best when they are measurable and achievable - so the ones to my right here aren't super helpful. They're good starting places though! What does valuing curiosity really look like? Reading more? What is more? You gotta drill down and make it measurable. For example, one of Dr. Donnelly's goals for the year is to read four presidential biographies, starting with Ron Chernow's Grant. It's one of the tangible ways to measure 'value curiosity'. 

Over the next few weeks, we'll be talking about SMART goals. Making goals specific, measurable, achievable, relatable, and timely is a huge part of making sure your hustle is productive and not problematic. Do you have questions about goal setting? What fresh start are you thinking of making this year?