January: A Summary

January: A Summary

Every month, we send out a newsletter with all of our content recapped so we make sure you don’t miss a thing. It includes videos we released, mini-courses we produced, some of our best Instagram graphics, the whole nine. We call it our Research Digest and it’s one of our favorite things to put together each month. This post is mean to be a Diet Digest – the five top things that got people talking and that we got responses to.

Intentionality in 2018

We unveiled our 4 intentions for 2018 – bravery, creativity, pragmatism, and curiosity. We think intention is at the core of leadership specifically and life in general. Join us, will ya?

Our Coverage of #TimesUp

January marked the beginning of the #TimesUp campaign and legal defense fund, and we’ve been watching it carefully. We watched avidly as the Golden Globes made it the talking point, and wrote about it a few times as well.

“Life in the Hamster Ball”

Dr. Hinson released our first mini-course – on introversion and the importance of understanding it in the workplace. We’ve discovered over the last month of talking about this that there are SO MANY misconceptions about exactly what introversion is and what it’s not. We’ve also produced a handy one-page guide, which you can access here.

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The week that the U.S. sets aside to remember the incredible work of Dr. King, we wanted to remember him as well. Taking a two-prong approach on his multi-faceted legacy, Dr. Donnelly focused on his role as a pastor and Dr. Hinson on his role as a civic leader.

“On the Myth of Mary and Martha”

This month, Dr. Donnelly conducted a free webinar on sexism in Christian leadership, which she called “The Myth of Mary and Martha”. She’s currently reformatting it into a mini-course, so if you missed it, fear not! If it sounds intriguing, click here for more information.


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