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One of our core company values is service and we believe that extends beyond our clients to the global community at large. In that spirit, we’re happy to make ourselves available to other thought leaders, reporters, or academics, to assist in any way we can. Below is a collection of such items. If we can help out with your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Podcast Interview

Dr. Donnelly was interviewed by Eric Dye of the Entrepreneur Podcast Network in January of 2018. They talked about company culture and employee engagement.

Ellevate Breakfast

The Good Doctors met up with some of their fellow Ellevate members for a breakfast in February 2018. Dr. Donnelly was asked to give remarks on the #metoo movement and abuses of power.

Management Award

In March of 2017, Dr. Donnelly was named one of the top management executives in the city of Philadelphia - recognized for her leadership both inside the company and in the wider community.

NonProfit Learning Lab

In August 2017, Dr. Donnelly teamed up with Dionne Jackson at Million Dollar Moxie to talk about self-care for fundraising professionals. Not a small topic by any means, when the average tenure is 16 months! Jackson is a fundraising powerhouse and we are excited to team up with her.

Irish Prisons Conference

In October 2017, Dr. Hinson joined a panel of experts on experiences of prisoners in the Maze Compounds of the Northern Irish Troubles.

Common Purpose | SUNY

In July 2017, Dr. Donnelly joined Rob Garris from Schwartzmann Scholars to talk to Common Purpose's class of emerging leaders from the State University of New York. about their tips for leadership success in the 21st century

Dr. Donnelly is a frequent contributor for the Manufacturer's Alliance of Philadelphia. In October 2017, she wrote this article on millennials in manufacturing, a topic we address regularly in the city of Philadelphia.

BCCC Women's Summit

Joined by Dr. Hinson and AR Intern Maria, Dr. Donnelly spoke about emotional reflexivity as a key element to leadership at Bucks County Community College's Women's Summit on Entrepreneurship in September 2017.


Dr. Donnelly spoke in this article for NCR about the importance of having hobbies as part of your business success. Physical ones are particularly good, as they allow for a different brain level of problem solving. Here, she recommends yoga in particular.

Common Purpose | University of Exeter

In December 2017, Dr. Donnelly spoke to a group of emerging leaders from the University of Exeter on preparing for leadership in the 21st century.

Rated G Summit

In June 2017, Dr. Donnelly spoke about millennial integration into multi-generational workspaces (this topic is a frequent request!) at an event for the Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce.

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