People Are Hard to Hate Close Up. Move In.

People Are Hard to Hate Close Up. Move In.

We’re going to try something new with this chapter – I went live on FB in two chunks to talk through this concept and I’ve put both videos below. Let me know – do you like the videos or the blogs better?

Part One: People Are Hard to Hate Close Up.

When we use dehumanizing language for people, it makes them not human. Thus, we can use words as weapons against them and that eliminates bravery, or grace, or leadership.

I recorded this two days after the massacre in Florida – where 17 precious people were murdered for absolutely no reason while they were at work/school. My pain and frustration was fresh, and so I mixed up some facts about the Rwandan genocide (started April 7, not 25th, was perpetrated by Hutus against Tutsis and Tutsi sympathizers, but even that requires more unpacking) and I may say some things in here that make you mad or that you don’t agree with. I hope that’s true, actually, because I’m not comfortable with some of the things I say in this and the next video – some of the raw vulnerability isn’t “professional”. However, we value radical authenticity at AR and to recommend it to you and not demonstrate it ourselves would be useless.

Systems that hide monstrous behavior must be dismantled.

A large part of this chapter talks about conflict transformation, and I’ve put a pin in that, since Dr. Hinson and I will be cover more of that later in the year.

Those of you reading along with us – what were your takeaways from this chapter? How did it mess with you?

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