Self-Care Strategies

Self-Care. Boundaries. "Me Time". Work/Life Balance. The Oxygen Principle.

It can go by many names, but the truth of the matter is that making sure to remember that we are human beings with finite energy is mandatory. Abbey Research is passionate about helping organizations find balance for themselves and for their teams and in that spirit, we've gathered some resources to help. This page will be ever growing as we source more ideas for you, so check back often.  


Joga (or, Yoga with Joell)

We've contracted with Joell Beagle, certified yoga instructor, to help our clients connect their bodies with their brains. For the most recent video on shoulder tension, see below. For other videos, please scroll down. 


Emotional Fuzzy Slippers

There is something in everyone's life that makes them feel safe, and at home, regardless of their physical surroundings. We call them 'emotional fuzzy slippers'; things that bring calm and comfort. Find them, and guard time with them in your life. 


Preparation is Key

Just like ballerinas are not able to dance on pointe by accident, neither will self-care just happen. It's a guarded and cultivated entity that is mandatory to your leadership longevity.