Timeliness Is Next To Godliness

Timeliness Is Next To Godliness

The final letter we need to cover in our Fresh Year, Fresh Start series is T and it stands for TIMELY. We’ve already covered strategic, measurable, achievable, and relatable, so if you missed those, make sure to catch up.

Timeliness is a two-fold focus. First, is the goal needed right now. If it’s not needed in this year, or this quarter, then perhaps place it in a strategic plan versus a goal list. Second, understand how long it will take to accomplish and be realistic about it. You are not going to grow your top account by 200% in two months, so don’t even bother putting it on there.

So why is this important, you may ask. It goes back to some of our conversations earlier about resolutions versus intentions. If your plans for the year are not realistically accomplishable, then they can become self-defeating. Having big audacious goals is wonderful, as long as you understand them as audacious, otherwise the research tells us you’ll accomplish nothing.

(Yes, of course magic is possible, and lightning may strike, and all dreams will come true, but one cannot count on magic or control it, so plan for normalcy and hope for magic, eh?)

So, what first steps did you take this month that can turn into second steps in February – or maybe already have! What first steps do you need to take in February to set you up for December? We’d love to hear about them!

We hope this series has served you well and given you a chance to think through goal setting in tactile, accessible ways. Additionally, we encourage you to be a bit brave with your goals. Take the plan a step further then you normally would have, include someone different who may help you but it’ll take some moxie to ask, step outta that comfort zone, allow your vulnerability to show – any of these options require extreme bravery. Then again, so does life.

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