Have you ever wondered:

How can I be sure that my employees are feeling fulfilled in their job?
Is there a way to know if my company mission statement holds true to what we actually want to be doing?
How do I know if my mission statement is meaningful to and actionable by employees?
What can I do about empowering my employees or volunteers to achieve our mission?

Of course you have. Every organization does! Good news? We have answers.

Abbey Research is here to help your organization figure out how the people who work with you actually work together and what ways that can be improved to help get your company to its next level. We also provide on and offline training and curate an online conversation based on quarterly intentions. We say “culture detective” to mean that we solve the puzzles in your organization by asking informed questions and connecting the dots unique to you. The video below explains better, we promise.


We’re a small research firm, offering customized projects to fit your needs and answer your questions. We’re professional, efficient, and creative; based in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, but prepared to work anywhere.

Examples of projects listed below. All of our projects are designed to meet your company or non-profit’s specific needs, but here are some basic starting points:


  • Issue: very high rate of employee turn-over. Our plan? Interviews and observations to determine company culture and then delivery of a concrete plan.
  • Issue: high rate of volunteer burn-out. Our plan? Observations and review of company policies to help see what’s happening and then delivery of a concrete plan.
  • Issue: employee morale at an all time low. Our plan, interviews with all staff to create a comprehensive analysis of “culture statements” and then delivery of a concrete plan.
  • We also offer trainings around matters of employee engagement, millennial/boomer translation, leadership development and more. Click on the link below to learn more.

To kick off a conversation about how we can solve your culture mysteries, please contact us here.

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