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 We know that you are suffering from cultural issues. 

It's costing you personnel. 

It's costing you time and money.

And it's disrupting your workplace.

but we've got good news ...

we can help!

Abbey Research is here to help your organization solve these problems. We're here to help get you back on track, fix your personnel issues, and get back to your original mission (all while making money).

We offer a wide range of services covering both online and in-person options. Our online services include video series on business and pop culture analysis,  FREE white paper and webinars, and online courses. Our in-person services include customized research, workshops and workshop packages, as well as speaking on a whole range of topics. We will help you have the hard and healing conversations needed to solve your cultural issues.  


We are speakers and educators. Our mission is based on the belief that every community of humans is made more resilient through empathy and inclusivity. We’re professional, efficient, and creative; based in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, but prepared to work anywhere.

What can we do for you?

We've made a short video explaining just that, which you'll find below. But we also wanted to give you some examples of the services we offer! 

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  • Problem: very high rate of employee turn-over. Our plan? Interviews and observations to determine company culture and then delivery of a concrete plan.
  • Problem: high rate of volunteer burn-out. Our plan? Observations and review of company policies to help see what’s happening and then delivery of a concrete plan.
  • Problem: employee morale at an all time low. Our plan? Interviews with all staff to create a comprehensive analysis of “culture statements” and then delivery of a concrete plan.
  • Problem: plans to expand don't match the Mission Statement. Our plan? Review of all company documents, assessment of plans to expand, and delivery of a concrete plan to reconcile the two issues. 

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