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The world is rapidly changing.

Our ideas of gender are growing, the words we use for things keep changing, and what 'work' looks like continues to evolve.

And we know that can be overwhelming and hard to manage ...

but we've got good news ...

we can help!

The Good Doctors of Abbey Research are here to provide concrete solutions to complex questions. We're here to help get you navigate these new changes, learn new concepts and unlearn others, all in a safe environment without shame or guilt. 

We offer a wide range of services covering both online and in-person options. Our online services include video series on business and pop culture analysis, a newly launched podcast, and free white papers. Our in-person services include workshops, keynotes, and retreats. We will guide you through sometimes emotionally troubled waters, as we all learn to get along better. 


We are speakers and educators. Our mission is based on the belief that every community of humans is made more inclusive through curiosity and empathy. We’re professional, efficient, and creative; based in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, but prepared to work anywhere.

What can we do for you?

We've made a short video explaining just that, which you'll find below. But we also wanted to give you some examples of the services we offer! 

If you want to learn more about all our services you can click on the images below to go directly to each page!

  • Webseries We Make: Head over to our YouTube channel to learn about all the ways we educate through videos. From discussions of current affairs to analysis of documentaries, films and TV - we love to learn and we love to talk - it's quite a combo!
  • Podcasts We Host: What started out on YouTube has moved to the podcatcher of your choice! Check out The Culture Cast with The Good Doctors if you want to catch our cultural analysis, snark, and insights from your car, garden, or gym workout!
  • Talks We Give: You can book Dr. Kristen, Dr. Erin or both for your next speaking engagement. Any format, any geographic location - we love to travel, meet new folks, and share our insights!

If you think we would be a good fit for your organization, please contact us here.

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