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We are The Good Doctors of Abbey Research.

We help corporations, organizations, universities and individuals combat discord, inefficiencies, misunderstandings, and other interpersonal roadblocks that get in the way of effective growth and change through our framework of empathy education. 

We believe that the pathway to real changes starts with understanding ourselves and each other better. This happens not only through actively learning new perspectives but through the understanding that each of us thinks and moves through the world differently.

We are both educators with social science PhDs. We have lived and studied around the United States and around the world, exposing us to a beautiful range of identities, experiences, and worldviews. Our work in multiple international conflict zones taught us that we can understand a person’s words and actions without supporting or endorsing them.

We have over 30 years experience working in the manufacturing, retail, social service, non profit, and education sectors. These diverse and challenging experiences have shaped our understanding and practice of empathy, while also motivating us to share these insights with you.

We offer educational seminars, corporate workshops and retreats, keynote presentations, and masterclasses.

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Give us the gift of your time and we'll show you how our model of empathy education can help you (and your people) live, work, and grow into better humans.

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tricia brouk - speaking coach

She commands the space while also maintaining an intimate connection with her audience. Her years of study and humble curiosity create the perfect container to talk about hard things. Her TEDx talk on tolerance is one of my favorite talks of all time. I highly recommend Dr. Donnelly as a speaker, educator and facilitator.

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