5 Friyays – April 10

5 Friyays – April 10

Hello from Pittsburgh! It’s Dr. Erin here with my 5 Friyays. We’re on to Day 27 of isolation in my house and we’re doing alright, despite a soon-to-be shortage in wine. As always, we hope wherever you are reading this you are as safe and healthy as possible. Finding Friyays is a bit fraught these days, but my list came to me in a flash this week. Let’s crack on, shall we?

The Semi-Permanent #1

Dr. Kristen and I have agreed that for as long as we’re stuck in isolation, John Krasinski’s Some Good News will probably take the number 1 spot in our Friyays. This week was phenomenal. After I cried my way through the evening news, my Mom and I watched this and felt so much better. Added bonus of an OBC Hamilton reunion! If you missed it, you’re welcome.

Virtual Broadway – The P&P Edition

Lots of forms of entertainment have moved online to keep us sane at home. I was THRILLED to see the latest musical adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is having a Virtual Opening Night tomorrow evening. If you’re a Broadway nerd or an Austen fan, you can register here.

The Toilet Paper Shortage of 1973

I’m not kidding. This toilet paper shortage has happened before, and it was Johnny Carson’s fault. It’s a hilarious story.

BONUS TOILET PAPER VIDEO (for the times we live in):

I know you were all clamoring for more stories about toilet paper. I saw this on the news, actually explaining not why we have a shortage, but why it’s not (and likely not going to be) filled.

Monday Night Joy

Most shows are wrapping up for the year, but I have been delighted to discover that The Voice filmed most of their non-live shows before the lockdown. Every Monday night, for a few hours, I get to pretend COVID-19 isn’t happening and see some truly talented people sing. We just had the Battle round, and these two STELLAR singers closed it out.

Who Needs Movie Recommendations?

Since we’re all spending so much time at home, it could be a good time to catch up on Best Picture winners. I liked this Business Insider article that had all the Oscar winners ranked by Rotten Tomatoes and Audience ranking. It’s interesting to see the order of the list (it’s not what you would think) and it’s a readymade what to watch list if you’re running out of ideas.

That’s a wrap on my Friyays for the first full week of April (which felt less like a decade than the week before). Be safe and be well everyone, and Dr. K will be back next week!

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