5 Friyays: April 12

5 Friyays: April 12

Hey all! Spring is definitely in the air here in Pittsburgh and I’m excited to share my 5 Friyays with you! There’s been a lot of happenings since I last wrote some Friyays, so it’s pretty much a mixed bag here. Let’s dive on in!

It Takes A Village (and Women)

One of the biggest news stories this week was the publication of the first photograph of a Black Hole. First theorized by Albert Einstein over 100 years ago, this photograph is a revolutionary scientific breakthrough. As I watched the news drop, it was equally fascinating to see the gendered discourse around the process of discovery. Though it took a team of over 200 scientists to develop this photograph, the internet started sharing the name of Katie Bouman. Bouman worked as a grad student on the project and is responsible for developing one of the key algorithms that was used to make this discovery. Yet, as we too often see in media reports, she was being written out of the narrative. Even as I watched the national news, they interviewed the stereotypical white male nerd project manager to talk about the discovery. It seemed like a great opportunity to highlight the contributions of women in STEM, and it was difficult to see so many news outlets miss that chance. But not CNN, so here’s their piece on it.

Practice What You Love, But Respectfully

If you’re a follower of The Good Doctors, you’ll know that I (Dr. Hinson) am an avid yoga nerd. I’ve been practicing for 4 years, and I love it. Here in Pittsburgh I’ve found a new style of yoga. For the first time in this class I learned that there are multiple yoga practices – we practice both asana (the poses) and pranayama (the breathing practice). We also almost exclusively use the Sanskrit names for poses, as a mark of respect. When I found this article this week, it furthered my thinking on how Western culture has appropriated yoga. The practice has deep roots in Indian culture, and a lot of yoga practitioners have no idea (I certainly didn’t). This article is a great reminder to find whatever practice or activity helps you feel better, gives you peace, helps with your pain or anxiety. But, if it comes from another culture, be sure you practice it respectfully, and educate yourself as much as possible.

How Art Can Heal

Dr. D shared this article with me a few weeks ago and I immediately knew it was perfect for my Friyays. Mass incarceration and prison reform is a passion of mine, and I loved learning how the development of the Dance To Be Free program and how it helps women learn to love themselves and start to heal their lifelong trauma. It bears repeating that 75% of incarcerated women have experienced physical abuse by an intimate partner and 82% experienced physical or sexual abuse as minors. One of the paths toward ending their high recidivism rate lies in treating their trauma. What better way to change your perception of yourself and your body than through dance.

Lady Doctors Get Their Due (and their degrees)

The news came last week, that after 150 years the University of Edinburgh decided to right a historical wrong and award posthumous degrees to the first women doctors in Scottish history. The story of the Edinburgh Seven is quite remarkable, and can be found in this article. Essentially, though the women completed their degree, they were banned from graduating. There was even a riot that took place when the women (banned from sitting their exams) forced their way into the examination and the male students pelted them with mud. It can still be very hard for female doctors to gain the same level of prestige, success, and acknowledgement as their male counterparts, but time’s have changed. And it’s nice to see that these 7 heroic women are finally getting their due (and their well-earned degrees).

The NBA, White Privilege, and Racism in America

Kyle Korver, a player for the NBA’s Utah Jazz, published this blog in The Players Tribune on Monday. I have very little to say about it except that it is brilliant, you should read it, and spend some time thinking through his words, his realizations, and his insights.

That’s a wrap on my Friyays for this week! Dr. D will be back next week with hers and as we speak I am currently driving the Turnpike to head to Philly for some AR work! The Good Doctors have another Broadway filled weekend ahead of them (I know you’re shocked) but we hope you have a lovely Spring weekend, whatever you get up to!

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