5 Friyays: April 13

5 Friyays: April 13

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s hard to believe we’re half-way through the month of April, the year is flying by here at Abbey Research! It’s Dr. Hinson back with you for my 5 Friyays. There was a lot to talk about this week, so let’s see what I’ve come up with!

Equal Pay Day

This past Tuesday was Equal Pay Day, taking a day to recognize the gender pay gap and starting conversations about how we can rectify this massive inequality. The day was held on April 10th because it represents the average day in 2018 that women in America would need to work until in order to earn what men were paid in 2017. This statistic varies based on your race, age, ethnicity, class, and ability. If you’re tired of reading articles about it, Vox contributed to the podcast What’s my wage again? to further explore this very serious inequality.

National Library Week

The nation is celebrating National Library week from the 8th through the 14th. The Good Doctors are obsessive readers and lovers of libraries and since Hermione Granger is AR’s spirit animal – I was delighted to find this partnership between The Harry Potter Alliance and Out of Print for their annual Accio Books campaign. If you buy Harry Potter merch from Out of Print during National Library Week, 10% of the proceeds will go to sending books to Boys and Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico. So HP fans – buy some adorable merchandise and help raise money for a very, very, very worthy cause. Accio books!

Tax Season Blues

As the tax deadline for 2018 rapidly approaches, I’m sure many of you (I know I am) are stressing about figuring out your taxes. This week CBS Sunday Morning spoke to Stanford Law professor Joseph Bankman about his idea that the IRS should pre-fill your tax documents for you. Fascinatingly (and frustratingly), Professor Bankman argues that the IRS already has the tax information for a large portion of Americans, but technology to develop these pre-filled documents has been halted by lobbyists for tax software and services, like TurboTax. Will we ever see these changes? One can only hope!

20th Anniversary of the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement

The Good Doctors’ favorite country, Northern Ireland, celebrated a monumental and disheartening anniversary on April 10th. It marked the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement. The culmination of 3 years of cross-party talks, the agreement institutionalized a power-sharing government and signaled the relative end of the prolonged conflict (many know as the Troubles) in 1998. Though the day was marked with important reflections, and recognitions for the magnitude of the accomplishment, the anniversary was bittersweet as the Northern Irish government has not sat since March 2017. The video below, produced by our alma mater, Queen’s University Belfast, gives a great sense of the combined hope and disappointment experienced on Tuesday.

Playoff Hockey and Sid’s Sick Hat Trick

As I am want to end on a high note, this week marked the start of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and my hometown team, the Pittsburgh Penguins started their quest to win the Stanley Cup for a third straight year. Loyalties are torn at Abbey Research as our opening series is against Dr. Donnelly’s hometown Philadelphia Flyers. Game 1 was on Wednesday, and the Pens won a resounding 7-0, complete with a natural hat trick (3 goals in a row) by team captain (and superhuman athlete) Sidney Crosby (see below). In my book, fewer things are as exciting as playoff hockey, and whoever wins in the end, I am strapping myself in for 2 months of phenomenal sport!

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