5 Friyays: April 17

5 Friyays: April 17

Hi everyone, how are you? I hope that however this finds you, that you and everyone you love is healthy and safe. I hope that if you’ve lost your job, that the stimulus and other solutions come quickly. I hope that if you own a small business, that you have found colleagues and wise advisers to help you navigate these waters. If you’re homeschooling, I hope it’s bringing small breaths of wonder, and if you’re like me and still working to keep supply chains in tact, I hope you’re finding rest. 

Since we’re all in this for the foreseeable future, I have no idea what our Friyays are going to look like from week to week. I’m not sure when we’ll go back to topics other than This One, but today isn’t that day. Here’s five more things that made me happy. 

Sebastian Stan Reads to Children

Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams partnered with Save the Children and No Kid Hungry to create an Instagram channel of famous folks reading stories to kids in the hopes of raising awareness and money to support the millions of children who rely on school meals to eat. I told you about Chris Evans’ two weeks ago, but today brings Sebastian Stan, one of my other favorite actors.

Female Friendship in Movies

W Magazine offered this list of 35 great female friendships in movies. Dr. Erin and I quibble with a few and can’t believe they left off the ladies of Bring It On, but it’s inspired us to do a few re-watches!

99-Year-Old Veteran Raises $9M for NHS

By walking laps around his back garden in Bedfordshire, Tom Moore has raised an absolute flood of donations for the country’s beleaguered and beautiful health service. 

Thanks, Buzzfeed. Listicles Are Pretty Much All I Can Handle Right Now.

Like this one, that’s just 33 times humans were great to each other.

John Krasinski has Some (more) Good News for Us

John, who you may know as Jim from The Office, has decided to start a YouTube show from his house – with graphics by his daughters – about good news that’s happening around the world. Here’s Episode 3!


That’s it from me this week – please take care of yourselves. Wash your hands, stay home, breathe deep, and remember this too shall pass and we’re all in it together. 

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