5 Friyays: April 27

5 Friyays: April 27

Greetings all! It’s Dr. Hinson here with you for this week’s edition of my top 5 Friyays! I hope you’ve had a good week, as we’ve finally crawled toward spring weather, we’re getting ready to close out another busy month for Abbey Research! I’ve got quite a range selected for your consumption today, so let’s get to it!

Gwens Girls 

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Kathi Elliott speak about Gwens Girls. They have been working in Allegheny County (where Pittsburgh sits) since 2002 with a fantastic mission. Gwens Girls, named after Elliott’s mother and one of the first women (never mind black women) on the Pittsburgh Police Force, empowers girls and young women to have productive lives through exposure to holistic, gender-specific programs, education, and experiences. I was blown away by the great work they do, and immediately added them to my next Friyay list!

First Dates (UK)

Some of our dear readers may already know that both Dr. Donnelly and I have a weak spot for reality TV dating shows. We’ve already talked at length about the Bachelor and CANNOT wait for Becca as the new Bachelorette. My personal guilty pleasure is First Dates. The show takes place in a London restaurant, where everyone dining is on a first date. Couples are paired based on their application and what ensues is an hour of delightful, heartwarming, and only sometimes cringe-worthy dates. Unlike American reality TV, which is aimed at the lowest common denominator or highest rated scandal (see this season’s Bachelor finale), First Dates showcases (usually) the best of humanity and dating, which is ultimately two people trying to find a meaningful connection.

Building a Community through Co-working

The Good Doctors talk a lot about office culture and environment, and how this is changing as new generations emerge. CBS Sunday Morning did a wonderful segment on the potential for co-working spaces (rising exponentially in popularity) to build a sense of community. I have had both inclusive and exclusive experiences at co-working spaces, but there is something to be said for a model that focuses on bringing people together to work, collaboratively, in a positive and intentional environment.

The Karolyis Speak about Larry Nassar

We’ve already shared our thoughts on the USA Gymnastics scandal but this week we saw more pieces added to the horrifying puzzle when NBC’s Dateline aired an exclusive interview with former Team USA coaches and mentors, Bela and Martha Karolyi. Since a large portion of Nassar’s abuse took place at their Texas ranch, many have wondered at the level of complicitness or knowledge the Karolyis had. In their interview they deny any knowledge of the abuse and for my money their language was a bit too tempered for the severity of the case. As we continue to discover more about this case, it becomes harder not to ascribe responsibility, if not blame, to the people whose ignorance allowed this hateful man to continue to hurt children.

The Underground Railroad in Pittsburgh

Transitioning from abuse to slavery, this week I discovered a list of the top 5 Pittsburgh locations for the Underground Railroad. Moving from people’s inaction (justified or not) over Nassar, to people’s brave and dangerous action to subvert institutional slavery, helped me end the week on a positive note. I cannot wait to visit these places and learn more about how local heroes helped save lives. During a week that saw a lot of reminders about our country’s continuing problem with racism, I think I needed the reminder that good people are always out there, and in many cases willing to sacrifice to make needed change.

That wraps up my video free (for the first time) Friyays. Dr. Donnelly will be back next week and since we’re seeing Hamilton in NYC on Sunday, be forewarned that her entire list might be things from Hamilton! Putting on my best friend hat, I know she cannot contain her joy at finally being in the room where it happens! What were your favs from the week that was? Let us know below – we’d love to hear from you!

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