5 Friyays: April 5

5 Friyays: April 5

Hey darlings, welcome to this week’s Friyays! Dr. Donnelly here, coming to you from a hotel room in Kansas City. I’ve been here for a few days talking to helping professionals and social service providers about things like sabbath and diversity and how we can all be better. So, I’ve had a long time to read and watch as I’ve had down time. Away we go!

Negro League Baseball

I am an unabashed baseball fan. This space will be full of pro-Phillies talk this season, but I’m also doing a deep dive into the history of the game. While in Kansas City, I took the opportunity to visit the Negro League Baseball Museum. In the late 1800s-mid1900s, the various Negro Leagues were where the best baseball was happening. The leagues died after Jackie signed with the Dodgers, but their history is rich. Here’s a brief documentary explaining.

What Happens When…

I was fascinated by this article in the New York Times about “what happens when women stop leading like men”. Using Nancy Pelosi and Jacinda Arden as models, among others, the article talks about the power of authenticity to get things done and how when women use their specific, gendered skills to lead. We know what international male leadership looks like, and now I’m glad we’re getting increasing examples of a counter-narrative.

Netflix and Maternity Leave

In an example of why having a diverse leadership group is important, Netflix was sued this week over the execution of its maternity leave policy. Tania Zarak has filed in LA court that, even though she was promised verbally and in writing that her work would not be taken from her during her pregnancy and subsequent leave, she was taken off projects and essentially punished for her reproductive choices.

As an employer myself who has worked with women during pregnancy, leave, and motherhood, I’m especially frustrated by this. Does the woman’s absence cause a gap in services? Yes. Does it provide additional challenges to the team? Sure. Are either of those insurmountable? No. Additionally, telling customers and vendors that so-and-so is on maternity leave so please bear with us as we cover buys so much grace and is easily something that a behemoth like Netflix could have dealt with.

We’ll be following this story closely.

Miscast 2019

MCC’s “Miscast” fundraiser is a particular joy to both Dr. Hinson and myself. Broadway performers take to the stage to sing songs from roles they’d never be cast in and the results are always a damn delight.

This year was no different, and the entire playlist is a joy, but my particular favorite this year is from some of the cast of Mean Girls, a musical we have gotten to see, performing a medley from Jersey Boys.

Also, Karen Olivio (who may of you may know from In the Heights and form the forthcoming Moulin Rouge) singing Roger’s anthem “Your Eyes” from Rent. 

I’ll stop now.


While Dr. Hinson is our branded Austen fan, I’m also among the folks who count her stories as favorites. I particularly love to see all the ways they’re reimagined and reinterpreted, so I was delighted to stumble on this audiobook while surfing Audible this week.

Emma Thompson provides the narration (find me someone better for Austen’s droll wit) and an all star cast (including Mrs. Bates from Downton Abbey) rounds out the story. It’s been in my ears this entire trip and I give it enthusiastic thumbs up.


That’s all from me this week. Dr. Hinson will be back next week with hers as she makes her way back to ARHQ so that we can once again see Hamilton (and get work done). We know. We’re now those people. 



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