5 Friyays: April 6

5 Friyays: April 6

Hello everyone! Dr. Donnelly here and I’m on Friyay duty this week. This was not a week of great focus for me, I need to admit. March was a rough month for me (more about that at the end), and so the start of April has been a bit fuzzy. However, I’m grateful for a few bright spots that renewed my energy and set my focus. 

Sesame Place Becomes Certified Autism Center

My very first outside of the family business job was at Sesame Place – a theme park based on Sesame Street that’s right down the street from my house. It’s a delightful place and I highly recommend it for anyone with age appropriate kiddos. And this week, it got even cooler! They announced that they’ve become the first theme park to be a certified autism centerAs soon as I read this, my soul smiled. What an incredible gift to families who know what life on the spectrum feels like.

Republic of Ireland & Sexual Health Education

Over the last few months, four men have been on trial for rape in Belfast, and two weeks ago they were acquitted on all counts. Many people in both Northern Ireland and Ireland have been unhappy about this and took to the streets in multiple rounds of protests – raising issues of consent education, myth regarding rape, and a justice system not fit to protect rape survivors. We did a Hot(ish) take on it, by the way, if you’re entirely unfamiliar with this case and its ramifications.

However, good news of positive change came out this week! The Republic of Ireland is updating their relationship and sexual health curriculum for secondary schools to include issues of consent, social media, and contraceptive care. The last time this stuff was looked at was over 20 years ago, and experts would tell you that to call what was being taught “sex ed” was a stretch. I am delighted with this proactive, pragmatic, and positive step the RoI is taking to educate and protect its citizens.

Record Number of Women Running

There was a story in Fortune this week about the number of women currently running for Congress for the 2018 elections. We say gwan ya girls ya! Abbey Research is pro-women in politics, if you haven’t guessed, of all persuasions and parties. Speaking of the midterms – are you registered to vote? 

2018, The Darkest Timeline

Y’all, have you seen this thing on social media about microwaving aluminum foil? MICROWAVING ALUMINUM FOIL. The youths think this is a good idea! WHAT IS HAPPENING. Right now, if you have children who operate the microwave, can you double check they know NOT TO PUT METAL IN IT? Geez.

Doug Pederson Remains The Man 

The coach of the SUPER BOWL CHAMPION PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (yes, that shouting is intentional) threw the first pitch at the Phillies home opener yesterday. That was cool enough, but then he donned the jersey of Roy Halladay – a former genius of a pitcher who lost his life in a plane crash in November. Not a jersey from the shop, Halladay’s actual jersey from the archives. Halladay is a Philadelphia hero and was an all-around good man, and his presence in baseball is missed. For Pederson to initiate this super cool act only goes to cement my opinion that he is, in fact, the man.

Rafiki Also Remains The (Puppy) Man

The Nielsen family said goodbye to their beloved pup Rafiki this past week. He was a faithful and wonderful doggo and he is sorely missed. AR is now down to two mascots, but we’re confident that Karma and Daisy can hold down the fort. Rafiki (also called Fiki, Feekster, Old Man Fiki, Fiki with a Dent, Nugget, Extrovert Puppy) is certainly lounging somewhere in the sun, at our grandma’s feet, keeping her company until we can come play. Well, at least when it’s not time for food since you could set your watch by his stomach!

This week also marked the one-year anniversary of the death of one of the greatest women we have ever had the privilege to know. Alice Novosel was a saint on Earth and her absence is still keenly felt by all who knew her. We miss you, Alice.


That’s all from here this week – what have you been reading this week? Did you feel slightly fuzzy and overwhelmed like I did a lot? Did you find something like the Sesame story to take joy in? We wanna hear about it! (Seriously, could use some joy around here, so throw some our way.)



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