5 Friyays: April 3

5 Friyays: April 3

Hi everyone, how are you? I hope that however this finds you, that you and everyone you love is healthy and safe. I hope that if you’ve lost your job, that the stimulus and other solutions come quickly. I hope that if you own a small business, that you have found colleagues and wise advisers to help you navigate these waters. If you’re suddenly homeschooling, I hope it’s bringing small breaths of wonder, and if you’re like me and still working to keep supply chains in tact, I hope you’re finding rest. 

Since we’re all in this for the foreseeable future, I have no idea what our Friyays are going to look like from week to week. I’m not sure when we’ll go back to topics other than This One, but today isn’t that day. I’ve read a few articles this week that helped explain my soul (this one from Wired was especially good), and Last Week Tonight had a great wrap-up of the State of Things, but I’m offering up some things that made me smile this week. 


Chris Evans Reads to Children

Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams partnered with Save the Children and No Kid Hungry to create an Instagram channel of famous folks reading stories to kids in the hopes of raising awareness and money to support the millions of children who rely on school meals to eat. My personal favorite (I know none of you are surprised) is Chris Evans’ rendition of If You Give a Dog a Donut, but there is an absolute embarrassment of riches on that channel. You don’t need an Instagram to view them – so treat yourself and any children you know and have some stories read to you.

Welsh Goats

There’s a village in Wales that has been overtaken by roving goats. I cannot stop giggling about it.

British Food Television

We will eat at restaurants again and my husband and I both love dreaming of the meals we’ll eat when we do. We love exploring cities through its food and trying new restaurants and we think of what life will look like for us after this ebbs, we’re thinking a lot about food. We’re sating our curiosity right now with Million Pound Menu on Netflix, which was a BBC2 production. It’s Shark Tank meets Top Chef, where aspiring restaurateurs pitch their concept to four investors to see if they can take their dream to a brick and mortar in the U.K. We have gobbled up most of season one and we’re starting season two this weekend. It’s soothing and hopeful and full of reminders that life did not always look like this and won’t always.

Nailed It!

Y’all, this show brings me SO. MUCH. JOY. and it’s BACK for season four! Thank you Netflix for dropping it at such a time as this.


John Krasinski has Some Good News for Us

John, who you may know as Jim from The Office, has decided to start a YouTube show from his house – with graphics by his daughters – about good news that’s happening around the world. The first episode is 15 minutes and I grinned so hard through it all that my cheeks hurt. Cannot recommend it highly enough.


That’s it from me this week – please take care of yourselves. Wash your hands, stay home, breathe deep, and remember this too shall pass and we’re all in it together. 

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