5 Friyays: August 21

5 Friyays: August 21

Happy Friday, folks! Here’s some stuff I’ve noticed and have been thinking about this week.

BTS Fans are Something Else

The Korean boyband BTS has been a global force for a while now, but since the pandemic, their fans have taken on a whole new power. Their first English-language single was released yesterday and it’s already been streamed about a billion times and I’m someone prone to exaggeration, but that’s not. ELLE has the lyrics for us here and I’ll be honest, it’s a great summer tune. The phenomenon around this band academically fascinates both Dr. Erin and I – I have a friend who is a self-identified Super Fan who is helping answer a lot of my questions – but regardless? These lads are not just a band anymore – they’re a movement.

 American Universities Aren’t the Only Ones Freaking Out

The system and schedule is different in the UK, so they’ve got about three more weeks to try to figure out how to do university this year, but as the Guardian reports, that doesn’t seem quite long enough to come up with a solution. Dr. Erin and I have been talking a lot about leadership in These Times – we’re collecting examples of the spectrum of decisions that people are making as we craft the new post-COVID world and watching how the world’s universities will handle this all is definitely more data.

Happy Suffrage Centenary!

100 years since white women were granted full suffrage and we’re still fighting to make sure that voting is accessible and equitable to all. But! As we do! Let’s continue to learn about our foremothers who fought this fight to get us to even this place. This week brought lots and lots of content about the players in the suffrage movement and we really loved this article from the Smithsonian on Black Suffragettes. 

A Closer Look at All Rise

The CBS courtroom show looked promising to me – a show on a major network about a Black professional woman?! Yes, please. Seven minutes into the pilot, I could tell it wasn’t being written by women, or by women of color, really and I noped out. Turns out, my gut was right.  CBS made the choice to have an unknown white man from Canada head this show when there are plenty of well known and established Black women in Hollywood who would tell this story with the dignity and creativity it deserved. Another missed opportunity in a long string of them from CBS.

The Crown Season Four Has a Premiere Date!

See you in November, folks. 


That’s it from me this week – please take care of yourselves. Wash your hands, stay home, breathe deep, and remember this too shall pass because that’s what the laws of time and space dictate, but I get we feel far from that. 

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