5 Friyays: August 23

5 Friyays: August 23


As has been the theme of 2019, this was a heavy week. However, I managed to find some things worth friyaying about, so let’s crack on!

New Zealand, Once Again Crushing It

I loved this story from New Zealand about the Speaker of the House feeding the infant of a MP during debates!

That’s ‘Hugo Award Winner’ Dr. Donnelly, Thank You Very Much

This past weekend the website Archive of Our Own was presented with a Hugo Award for Outstanding Achievement in Science Fiction & Fantasy. The site hosts millions and millions of works of fan art – pictures, fiction, videos, podcasts – for every fictional world possible. The folks who accepted the award said they shared it with every one who had ever posted a fic, and I’m among that group!

Beyond that fun fact, the site was designed and is run by women – which is wonderful in anything – but especially wonderful in SFF, which has historically been rather unwelcoming to the female gender. While there are justified reminders of the work still to be done to involve and credit the work of authors and creators of color within A03’s ranks – the award is a HUGE achievement and a seminal moment in fandom studies as well.

Sign of the Times – Choreographed by Travis Wall

I have talked extensively on this blog about my love of So You Think You Can Dance – a reality competition show that runs each summer on Fox. This past week, one of the best works I’ve seen since last season (incidentally by the same choreographer) was put up on stage and you all have to see this. 2 minutes long and set to clips from Harry Styles’ Sign of the Times, it’s an incredible work around gun violence. Especially when you remember that all of these performers are 16-22 and grew up with active shooter drills.

1619 Project

This week marked 400 years since the first African slaves were brought to what became the United States. In honor, the New York Times launched a project recording the impact of slavery upon our republic. 100% mandatory for all citizens. 

And now… this…

To end on a bit of levity, here’s a video that Dr. Erin and I have both watched…. ten times? More? Someone set up an outdoor cinema in Denver where folks would sit on air mattresses to watch the film. And then a storm hit.

You’re welcome.


That’s it from me this week! Dr. Erin will be with you next time as we crash into September!


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