5 Friyays: August 3

5 Friyays: August 3

Hi all! It’s Dr. Hinson here with my 5 Friyays. I’m just back from a week’s vacation, so my list is mostly comprised of things I learned about or watched while on my holidays. Let’s jump in and see what I’ve got!

‘Miss Holmes’

While I was traveling through my home state of Colorado, I scheduled a visit to the famed Creede Repertory Theatre for a showing of ‘Miss Holmes’ a play by Christopher Walsh that takes stories and characters developed by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and gives them a bit of a kick. The play follows Miss Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Dorothy Watson as they attempt to catch a killer in Victorian England, while also battling the limitations, stereotypes, and discriminations placed on their gender. It was, in a word: brilliant. The play premiered in Chicago in 2016 and landed in Boston earlier this year. I will be writing more about the play in the weeks to come, but if you ever find it on the list for your local theater, make it a must visit.

History Repeating Itself

You may have seen our post earlier this week of John Oliver’s segment covering sexual harassment at work and the history of treatment of women going back as far as 1981. In his studied exposition, Oliver reminds us that we’ve been down the #metoo road before, several times in fact, and though some changes have been made, the overall, pervasively toxic culture surrounding sexual harassment remains. It is a sad but necessary argument for the necessity of the work we do at Abbey Research.

Combining Charity and Great Beer

This past week I had the pleasure of visiting Goat Patch Brewing Co., in my hometown of Colorado Springs, CO. Part of a series of businesses now occupying the former Lincoln Elementary School, Goat Patch impressed me right from the start, when they told me that a portion of the cost (for every pint) of the beer I ordered, the It Takes a Tribe Red Ale, gets donated to charity. When they delivered my beer, I was given a token that I could place in one of two shadow boxes by the front door, designating what charity I wanted to receive the proceeds. The donations remain but they rotate through local charities that support the Colorado Springs Community. Their core values are Balance, Community, and Adventure and we could all take a page from their book.

It Takes a Tribe Red Ale featured from Goat Patch Brewing, Co.

Women in STEM on StarTalk

I come from a family of space nerds. I remember many, many afternoons of my childhood spent watching Star Trek on television, and my father always had the newest images from NASA adorning the walls of his high school classrooms. So while my brother and I visited him in Colorado, we caught a favorite program of his, StarTalk, hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson on National Geographic TV. The episode featured an extended interview with Dr. Mayim Bialik and the focus of the show was whether the representation of women in science on television can help bring more women to STEM. Check out the clip below and find the full podcast here.

Workout Clothes with a Purpose

Also while visiting my hometown, I came across a new store front, advertising exercise clothing with the painted slogan “Supporting Women’s Movement since 1969.” Celebrating it’s 30th anniversary next year, Title IX is the largest independently owned and operated retailer in women’s fitness and adventure. Though I didn’t have time to peruse the shop, I’ve done my research online and found they are quite a cool place. They fundraise for at-risk girls with their Starting Block program and provide stats on accomplishments for women in sports since Title IX and advocate for the awesomeness of women athletes on their homepage. I’m always happy when my week ends with finding more ladies who lead.

That’s everything I have this week! I hope you had a great week and enjoyed the list, Dr. D will be back next week for her 5 Friyays!

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