5 Friyays: August 31

5 Friyays: August 31

Hey all – it’s Dr. Hinson back with my 5 Friyays for the week that was. My list is a bit scattered, mostly covering summer entertainment, a few fun videos and some lessons on leadership from a hockey player. We are coming up to the time of year where my Friyays will become increasingly more focused on hockey (only slightly kidding). Let’s see what I’ve got!

The Rom-Com Renaissance

Unless you’ve been hiding under an online rock lately, you will have heard mention of Netflix’s hit sensation teen rom-com “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.” With endless Buzzfeed articles proclaiming the films brilliance and fawning over its stars, it is the smash success of summer streaming. I watched it the day after it dropped, and LOVED IT. First, it’s written and directed by women (based on the book by Jenny Han). It is quirky, clever, and endearing, without all the misogynistic tropes we’ve come to know from romantic comedies. Watch this preview and I dare you not to find time for it this weekend.

Good Summer TV

I’ve been traveling a lot this summer, and now that I’m back in the Burgh for the next while, I’ve had some time to delve into ‘new’ shows. The latest surprise in this category is the Netflix show “Godless.” This 7 part mini-series is up for a host of Emmy’s and with good reason. The acting is superb, the storytelling precise and captivating. You don’t have to be a fan of Westerns to get into this gritty and gripping plot.

The Joy of Dance

Dr. Donnelly has posted about Fox’s Summer reality dance show “So You Think You Can Dance” before, but since I’m thinking about the entertainment that’s gotten me through the Summer, I thought I would add my thoughts to the pile of love the Good Doctors have for the show. I’ve always loved dance but only started watching this show last year. It is pure joy every week, I learn about different styles of dance, and watch some remarkably talented people. This year’s season finale is next week, and here is my favorite group and pair routines from the season.

‘Leadership comes in a lot of different forms’

It’s almost time for hockey season, and since it’s been a bit longer of a summer for us fans here in Pittsburgh, we’re a bit starved for hockey news. Queue this week when the Penguins released a video of star Captain Sidney Crosby talking about leadership. I thought I’d share his take, because it intersected so well with our continuing focus leadership here at AR.

“No one should face the indignity of being unable to access these essential products to manage their period.”

Last week the Scottish government announced a new £5.2 million project to fight period poverty. Following survey results that showed that 1 in 4 students struggled to access sanitary products, they have announced that this new scheme will provide free products to all 395,000 pupils at any school level. This may be shocking to those who have never struggled to access these products, but it is a reality all around the world. With this new project, Scotland will be the first government in the world to provide this level of access to its female pupils. Lack of access to these products can have a detrimental knock-on effect for girls and women – they can perform poorly in school and even be forced to be absent if they can’t access the products they need. Scotland, we solute you!

That’s what I’ve got for this week – I hope you enjoy my entertainment recommendations and learned something from the rest of the list! Enjoy the holiday weekend if you’re here in the States and Dr. Donnelly will be back with you next week!


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