5 Friyays: August 9

5 Friyays: August 9


Greetings from Philadelphia HQ, where we have been slowly melting into piles of goo from the insane humidity. I, in fact, am typing this to you as my new state as a melted person. Hello from the melty side. 

In all seriousness, this was a looooong week and I decided to indulge a bit in joy for this Friyays. Sure, we had the NYTimes piece on Bill Hybels I should contend with, and there was a great Twitter thread on the importance of Elizabeth II’s jewelry choices, but what I needed this week was uproarious laughter – and thought maybe you did too. So, here are five things that never fail to make me laugh. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

In the 99 episodes of this show, I think there are maybe two I haven’t lost it over. This story of a police precinct in Brooklyn easily could have wandered into typical Fox comedy territory of easy gags at the expense of marginalized groups, but instead has flowered into the best comedy on television. For me, this is because it balances slapstick humor with huge amounts of heart – as seen in the clip I’ve chosen to put below, of Jake and Amy’s engagement. If you haven’t watched the show and you liked Parks and Recreation or the Michael Scott seasons of The Office, then definitely consider giving this one a go.


Lazy Sunday

Speaking of Andy Samberg! A thousand years ago, he and Chris Parnell did a digital short on SNL that had me and my favorites rolling in the proverbial aisles.

Jesus is a Friend of Mine

Oh my gosh do I love making fun of the ridiculous ways American Evangelicals have created art over the years. For the record, most of my friends who identify as Christian feel the same, so I’m not alone! Back in 2007/8, the office I was working in discovered the following video of Peak 1970s Evangelical Music and hooooooowled for weeks. I still watch it when I need a giggle.

“I Believe”

If you can’t tell, folks who are earnest are some of my favorite folks. I especially love when their earnestness tips into ridiculousness, and when I can find some kernel of authenticity in the gag. I rarely like humor for humor’s sake – stand up, for instance, is really hit or miss for me – and I always laugh the hardest when I recognize myself in the narrative.

Such is the case with the musical The Book of Mormon, which is one of my favorites. I see so much of myself in Brother Price and the evolution of faith in institution to faith full stop that many of us go through in late adolescence/early adulthood. This song – or the generic Protestant version of it – could have been written for me in my youth.

A Bit of a Cheat…

The final thing that makes me laugh when nothing else can are my people. My framily are hilarious – make sure we tell you about the time that the British stole Thursdays from the people of Ireland, or about the time Moses brought frogs down from the mountain, or about sitting on cupcakes on Oklahoma, or babysitting limes, or or or – and the joy we make together is some of my favorite joy.

I hope you’ve got folks like that – people who you laugh so hard with that you cry and are reminded that while laughter doesn’t heal everything, it does make the living a bit smoother.

That’s it from here. The humidity forecast doesn’t look much better for next week around here, but hopefully Dr. Hinson and I will return to corporeal form. She’ll be with you next week and until then, I hope you find rest and joy and laughter!



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