5 Friyays – December 18

5 Friyays – December 18

Hey all! It’s Dr. Erin here from a super snowed-in Pittsburgh. We got 10 inches of snow in the storm this week, so I’m hunkered down to write my Friyays. My list this week consists of a lot of really significant, major accomplishments. We all need things to celebrate, especially this year, so let’s crack on!

Remarkable Scientific Accomplishment

From Monday morning it was clear to me that the #1 spot on my Friyays would undoubtably go to the approval of one (and now two) COVID-19 vaccines. Both the Pfizer and Moderna drugs have received FDA approval and we saw the first vaccinations of healthcare workers and high risk elderly folks this week. For a year jammed with horrible news, especially about this virus, this truly was something to celebrate.

Celebrations in Indian Country

Very exciting news came to Indian Country on Thursday when President-elect Joe Biden announced his pick for Secretary of the Interior will be Deb Haaland, a Democratic Congressperson from New Mexico. Haaland, who is from the Pueblos of Laguna and Jemez, was one of the first two Native American elected to Congress and if she is confirmed, will be the first Native person to hold a Cabinet position, ever. Needless to say, after a long campaign from many Native and Indigenous folks, this is a major step towards inclusion and recognition and a huge victory.

Another Mascot Bites the Dust

In further good news for Indian Country, and all folks who would like to see the end to racist mascots, the Cleveland Indians announced this week they will change their name and eliminate the racist mascot that has represented the team. We have lots of stats that tell us the negative impact Native mascots have on the physical and mental health of Native folks – so we’re always happy to celebrate the dismantling of these racist symbols.

A More Inclusive MLB

More good news came from the MLB this week with their decision to add the Negroes Leagues to their official records. It was called a “long overdue recognition” by the league Commissioner and will add 3,400 players and all their stats to the official record. Some of the most talented players to ever grace the diamond played in the Negro Leagues and it will be great to see them on the same page as the already recognized players.

Bridgerton: The Trailer Finally Arrives

You’ve already been warned about our obsession with the new Netflix drama ‘Bridgerton.’ Dropping in exactly a week, we got the full trailer on Monday morning and I have to say, Dr. Kristen and I were squealing with joy. Feast your eyes on this:

See – there was a lot to celebrate this week. I hope wherever you are you are healthy and well. Dr. Kristen will be back with a Christmas special Friyays list. Be well, all!

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