5 Friyays: December 20

5 Friyays: December 20

Hey all! It’s Dr. Erin here with my Final Friyays of 2019! It’s been a crazy old year and I’ve pure run out of steam. Most of my list this week is entertainment I have found or am looking forward to. Plus a couple pieces that are food for thought. Let’s jump in!

Because Why Not

Who doesn’t need a musical about Alanis Morrisette’s seminal album ‘Jagged Little Pill?’ We all do. It was a big album in my tween life and I’m so excited that this show has become a reality. It also happens to star a Broadway favorite of mine and Dr. Kristen’s Derek Klenna!

Poignant Travel Hilarity

One of my favorite finds this Fall was comedian Jack Whitehall’s Netflix show – Travels with My Father. It’s hilarious – like laugh till you cry funny – and emotional with some fascinating travel spots thrown in. Enjoy!

Ready for Romance

I am always ready for more romance films. I loved the first incarnation from the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before series and I cannot wait for the second film this February. The trailer dropped Thursday and I’m super excited to see Disney alum Jordan Fisher join the cast!

We Can’t Be What We Can’t See, Part 516

In my ongoing sharing of impactful stories about representation and why it matters, I felt I had to cover the recent revelation that currently all 5 major beauty pageant titles are held by women of color. This includes Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss America, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA (though what the difference is between Miss America and Miss USA is lost on me). Be sure to check out some of the inspiring speeches by these amazing women and celebrate their awesomeness!

Recognizing Complexity in Jane Austen

This past Monday we marked the birth of my favorite author Jane Austen. And so naturally there were lots of think pieces online about her and the legacy of her books. I found this article – about the experience of whiteness in literature – to be truly fascinating. It asks white people to question the norms of white writers, white characters, and white perspectives that dominate our definitions of classical literature. It asks us to step outside our own worldview and imagine how these books erase the stories of other, non-white humans. It certainly challenged me to think about the stories I read and how I read them.

Bonus Jane Austen Content

In light of that article – I present to you the latest trailer for a Jane Austen adaptation, Emma, with an all white cast. And a straight historically retelling would have white people in positions of privilege and power, but we can also tell different stories – or the same stories from different perspectives.

Those are my Fridays for this week! Tomorrow is the Solstice and the days will get longer, and I for one, could not be happier. Have a great weekend all!

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