5 Friyays: December 27

5 Friyays: December 27

Happy last Friday of 2019, everyone! There’s loads of year-end and decade-end retrospectives out there, but we’re not planning on doing anything fancy. I’m just gonna take this opportunity to share five of the musical things that made me happy this year – basically off the top of my head, and for your vacation time enjoyment. 

Harry Styles Covering Lizzo’s ‘Juice’

Speaking of Lizzo… ‘Truth Hurts’ from SNL

Sara Bareilles’ ‘Armor’ Video featuring a variety of women

Aaron Tveit & Karen Olivio from Moulin Rouge on Broadway Perform “Your Song” on Colbert

John Legend & Kelly Clarkson perform ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’: 2019 Edition

BONUS: ‘Redesigning Women’ by the Highwomen


That’s all from me this week, folks. Dr. Erin will see you next week for another round of things we think you should know. 

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