5 Friyays – December 4

5 Friyays – December 4

Do you guys remember my last Friyays where I said the list came super easily? Right. Well, this week was the opposite. I’m sitting here Friday morning, still working on finding my #5. So it’s a mishmash of a list this week, cobbled together out of desperation and exhaustion (wow, dramatic much?) Anyway, it snowed in Pittsburgh this week, and it’s December, and things are still awful, so let’s find some joy where we can.

Cross-Cultural CraftWork

Would it be a Dr. Erin Friyays without a story from Indian Country? The answer is no. Today’s story ties to the ongoing love affair with Indian Country and Ireland – specifically when the Ireland Lacrosse team gave up their spot at the Worlds for the Iroquois Nationals team. I loved this story about the beautiful creation of this ribbon skirt to honor Ireland and their international solidarity.

Schitt’s Creek Saved 2020

It’s actually a miracle that I’ve spared you guys my LOVE of ‘Schitt’s Creek.’ Mom and I started watching it over the summer since everyone was talking about it. It’s now our favorite show, and we started our second binge the day after the US Election in November. Surprising no one in TV, Eugene and Dan Levy were announced as one of EW’s entertainers of the year, and the accompanying interview is EVERYTHING. 

The John Mulaney/The Crown Crossover

Sometimes my Friyays is given an assist by my YouTube algorithm, which is how I stumbled upon this video. I love John Mulaney. I love The Crown. Logic follows that I will love John Mulaney talking about The Crown.

Not 15 year-old Erin Singing

Mom and I are also big fans of ‘The Voice.’ One of this season’s breakout stars is 15 year-old Carter Rubin, who I think will probably win the show shebang in a few weeks. Last week in the Knockouts round, Carter knocked out America with his heartfelt rendition of ‘You Say.’ Goosebumps and tears, ya’ll.

David Rose and Dan Levy Are Not the Same Person

I know this is true, and I love them both. Hence, why this video is rounding out my Friyays. I enjoy the 73 questions as a little peak into the lives and homes of some of my favorite celebrities. Although I’m disturbed by Dan’s apparent vintage gurney, I’m overjoyed to meet Redmond, whom he loves very much.

That’s a wrap for this week. I’ve been drinking my weight in tea and wearing all the cozy clothes. Wishing you all a safe and healthy weekend, Dr. Kristen will see yinz next week! 

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