5 Friyays: December 6

5 Friyays: December 6

Welcome to December everyone! It’s Dr. Erin here with my 5 Friyays for the week. I had a bit of a struggle finding 5 things this week, but in the end I’m rather happy with how the list shaped out. Let’s give it a go!

The #MeToo Remix

I’m a fan of The Voice singing competition show, and this week, my two favorite judges joined forces on a remix to the recently controversial Christmas classic ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside.’ I thought the song was problematic but not horrible, but this new version is just delightful and it’s on John Legend’s new Christmas album!

A Generational Perspective on Mr. Rogers

As a fairly old Millennial, my childhood was entirely dominated by Mr Roger’s Neighborhood and the inherent kindness of Fred Rogers. Now as an adult, I spend a lot of time in my current post working to understand generational differences and communicate those differences. Which is why I was fascinated by this recent article in Vulture, that shows us how we can continue to learn from lessons of Mr Roger’s Neighborhood, long after it’s time on the air.

What Happened to the Buffalo?

I remember in my American West history class in High School learning about the hundreds of millions of buffalo that once roamed the grasslands of our country. I also remember learning how many of them were killed as a part of our westward expansion. It’s a part of our history with this land we rarely teach, and that’s why I wanted to share this article from The Atlantic about not only the loss of the buffalo, but how some people are working to rebuild.

Representation in Stock Photos

I’ll be talking more about this topic in a Good Doctors Diagnose later this month. While traversing the internet today I came across an article about Indigenous and First Nations representation in stock photos. I loved this story about not having any photos that represented the people they knew and their community and their values. So they went out and made this resource for other First Nations peoples. Sometimes the democratization of the internet is a good thing.

Sobbing Over a Short Film

When I was younger I didn’t think Short Films could be as impactful as feature length films. I now know I was wrong. Today I saw a tweet about this short film called ‘Hair Love’ and openly cried at my desk. A beautiful story of a father-daughter and mother-daughter relationship and the importance of making an effort. Give it 7 minutes and you won’t regret it.

That’s my Friyays for the first week of December. It was a bit scattered, just like my week, but we got a great list in the end! Dr. Kristen will be back next week! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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