5 Friyays: December 7

5 Friyays: December 7


Hey everyone! It’s Dr. Hinson here and purely by chance I’m back with an all video 5 Friyays! Usually, I keep a list of my 5 Friyays by my desk and as I read, hear, see, encounter things, I write them down and as I sat down to write this week’s list, low and behold, they are all found on YouTube! Maybe this is because I do all of the video editing for Abbey Research and so I am on YouTube a lot, but in fairness to myself, two of them I saw on my TV, not at my desk. It’s been snowing a lot in Pittsburgh lately and these videos brought me some much needed seasonal cheer!

Celebrating Colorado

As many of you may know, I make no secret of the fact that I was born and raised in Colorado. As I was listening to one of my favorite musicians (who is not from there, but lives there now) I came across a music video for his song “San Luis.” I’ve already shared Gregory with you in another Friyays, but this time, it’s more for the homage to the San Luis Valley, in Southwest Colorado, that I selected one of his songs. I just drove through the valley this summer for the first time in 20 years, and it is as breathtaking as the video suggests. Enjoy the great, majestic West!

Brexit Comedy

Though many of you out there, myself included, may believe that the whole Brexit disaster is more tragedy than comedy, I do find solace in the sense of humor that some have brought to Britain’s botched and bloody leaving of the EU. My old friends at Foil, Arms, and Hog have outdone themselves with their latest take – portraying Brexit as a divorce. We laugh to keep from crying!

Hamilton Full-Circle

You already know that Dr. Donnelly and I are BIG fans of Hamilton and it’s creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. Recently he sat down with David Begnaud to talk about the upcoming performances of Hamilton in Puerto Rico – where Miranda is using his platform to raise funds for the arts and other key issues still facing the Hurricane-ravaged island.

SNL Takes on Netflix

I’m a big-time user of Netflix, but even I think they produce WAY too much content. I swear, every time you go on there’s 15 more ‘original’ series that cover the whole spectrum from captivating television to useless, and sometimes offensive, drivel. Thus, I had a good chuckle at SNL’s latest commercial for the streaming giant.

Different Cultures, Different Slang

One of my favorite things I learned from living abroad was the absolutely endless variety of local slang found in Belfast. Northern Ireland is one of the more socio-linguistically diverse parts of Europe, which means that even different parts of Belfast have different slang words. Because NI is both culturally British and Irish, there’s a fascinating mix of slang. Watching this video with Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone (for their upcoming, Golden Globe nominated film ‘The Favourite’) reminded me just how many British-isms made up my vocabulary! To be honest, Dr. Donnelly and I still use many of them today, including ‘cheap as chips’! Jamie Dornan did a Northern Irish version as well that was brilliant craic!

Christmas Bonus Video

Since this is the season for giving, I wanted to include one more video. “Fairytale of New York” is a dark, depressing, yet oddly celebratory Irish Christmas song. There is not one song that makes me miss Ireland more. You know it’s almost Christmas when you start hearing it played in the shops. Jimmy Fallon and Irish actress Saoirse (pronounced Seer-Sha) Ronan belted out a radio friendly version this week and it certainly got me in the spirt! I mean, what holiday classic doesn’t start with the lyrics “It was Christmas Eve in the drunk tank”?

That’s my 5 Friyays for the week that was! Dr. D will be back next week as we inch every closer to the end of the year! Have a great weekend everybody!


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