5 Friyays – February 19

5 Friyays – February 19

I’m currently under a blanket and watching more ice fall outside of ARHQ, but I am JUST FINE compared to everyone I love in Texas. What’s happening there is a leadership failure and we send our actual thoughts and prayers to everyone there. AR supports World Central Kitchen and they’re on the ground, feeding folks warm meals. If you’ve got some extra cash right now, we’d encourage you to throw it there. 

Women of NASA

I’m not the space nerd in our family – that’s my husband – but I loved watching the rover touch down and then reading all the articles about the people who made it happen. This one focuses on the women, so obviously it was my favorite.

We Stan Dolly Parton in This House

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Ashes to Ashes

This past Wednesday was Ash Wednesday in the liturgical Christian calendar – the official start to Lent and a time where we are all encouraged to remember that we are but ashes and breath, and once our breath is gone, to ashes we will return. The solemnity of it is one of my favorite rituals and I felt an odd absence without ashes on my forehead this year. I appreciated this photo essay from the Guardian to see how my fellow observers did so around the world.

Black BTS Fans Share Their Fandom

adored this video from The Root that was shared with me by Friend of AR and our personal K-Pop expert, Ashley Arraras, who you’ll all meet in a few weeks for an interview she’s granting us, and I want to share it with you all too!

Fashion as Warfare

We talk a lot around here about the methods that women have had to use throughout history to wield power when traditional methods were not available to them, and fashion is one. The new film “Promising Young Woman” (which we plan on watching and reviewing as soon as we can!) has a lot of buzz around it, and I loved this Vanity Fair article on the careful attention they showed to hair and makeup as part of creating the film. 


How are you? Do you have things making you happy right now that we can all share in? A new book you found, or a candle that’s really lovely? We’d love to hear about it. In the meantime, wash your hands, wear those masks, and stay safe – wherever you are. 

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