5 Friyays – February 5

5 Friyays – February 5

Well, there was a lot of things to think about this week, and a lot to celebrate. I was glad for a smorgasbord of choices for this week’s Friyays, so let’s crack on. 

First Female Officiant in the Super Bowl

I’m not watching the big game this weekend for a few reasons – I’d like the team from Kansas City to change their name, I’m tired of Tom Brady being good at things, I’m concerned with how the NFL treats its players, to name a few – but I am happy for everyone who will find joy this weekend! I’m especially happy that Sarah Thomas will be calling the game. Her turn as a down judge on Feb 7th marks the first time a non-male person has officiated the game. Cheers to Sarah!

The Dress-Up Pup

Seratonin boost alert! Our technical goddess here at Abbey Research has her own business as well, and they make costumes for doggos. Please enjoy Frisk the Dress-Up Pup in a variety of costumes.

New Program at Morehouse

Dr. Erin brought this one to my attention and I read it hungrily. There’s a lot of issues with higher education and how it currently works in this country, and one of them is that it is often cost prohibitive for people to finish degrees they are intellectually hungry to achieve. This disproportionately affects men of color (shocking, I know), so I’m thrilled that the historically Black men’s college is tackling a piece of the issue by starting a new online program that designed explicitly to help people with some existing credits finish their degrees.

The Pyramid Against Pyramid Schemes

As we’re seeking to expand our YouTube channel (have you subscribed?), I’ve been spending an increasing amount of time watching other channels. I’ve talked before about Emily D. Baker on here, who does legal commentary, and this week I want to draw your attention to Blair, or The Illuminaughti. She calls herself “Just a Pyramid Against Pyramid Schemes” and her deepish dives into MLMs and other corporations have been fascinating to me. I personally recommend her video from this week on Q-Anon, because it’s one of the most comprehensive and yet cohesive looks at the movement I’ve found.

Pockets are a Feminist Issue

Dr. Erin and I have been saying this for years. Thanks to CBS Sunday Morning for affirming it.



How are you? Do you have things making you happy right now that we can all share in? A new book you found, or a candle that’s really lovely? We’d love to hear about it. In the meantime, wash your hands, wear those masks, and stay safe – wherever you are. 

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