5 Friyays: February 21

5 Friyays: February 21

Hellllooo from ARHQ on my wedding anniversary! My husband and I have been married for seven entire years, which is insane. Did you know that Dr. Erin was a big part of why my husband and I are together? Make sure to ask us that story whenever we see you.

West Side Story is Getting Revivied…

… and it looks fantastic. The idea that there’s no intermission is unique enough – there’s time constraints there now – but the recasting and the fact it’s getting directed by non-Americans… This link goes to a 60 Minutes story on the production and is certainly enough to get us Broadway Babies quite excited.

The History of Irish Temperance

Our colleague (and, full disclosure, one of our closest friends), Dr Órfhlaith Campbell was on a Northern Irish webseries recently, talking about her research into the Irish Temperance Movement. I read her PhD cover to cover a few times and *still* learned things here, so I can’t recommend it enough!

Serena Williams’ New Clothing Line

She’s focusing on inclusivity – including a range of body sizes – and I’m quite excited to see what comes out of this.

New Avengers Video Game

Time for one of Dr. Kristen’s Friyay Bingo Squares! Two, actually. Marvel and video games. They’re intersecting in a new way this fall and the pre-orders went up this week. Am I about to spend far too much money? You betcha.

For Now…

I’ve been thinking a lot about how hard life is for so many people, but also how for a lot of the hard stuff is temporary. We get bogged down very easily in the day-to-day nightmares of being a human, but a lot life truly is only ‘for now’, but in good and bad ways. I try very hard to be present in each day – to be grateful for the people who love me, to respect the humanity in the people who don’t – but I’m not always great at it. This song, from 2004’s Avenue Q – a Tony winning musical about puppets trying to be adults – came on my Spotify this morning and was a good reminder.



That’s it from me this week – Dr. Erin will be back next week with more food for thought! 

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