5 Friyays: February 7

5 Friyays: February 7

Hey folks! Dr. Kristen here, checking in from Belfast. We’ve had an incredible week here, networking and meeting up with friends and colleagues, attending events and gathering ideas. We can’t wait to share new resources with you! But for now? The Friyays.

Black History Month

Everyone’s got content this month – all forms of media, influencers, etc. – and it’s easy to get lost in the stories that get told all the time. But for us, one of the fun things about this month is discovering new stories; stories we all should know already but don’t because of systemic racism and other structural oppressive forces.

For example, this week we learned that sanitary pads were invented by Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner – a black woman from Monroe, NC – in 1926. These little tidbits are leading to deep dives and it’s already been a month of discovery.

Also, FUN FACT, October is Black History Month in the U.K. and we’re excited to learn more about residents of the U.K. and former British empire from that month!

Speaking of…

So this Google ad for BHM went viral and that’s fabulous. Except.. is it?

The advert features the fact that Simone Biles is the most searched athlete and the Civil Rights Movement is the most searched event in U.S. history and the like, and it frames that all in a way that leads us to believe that those things are true because people are curious. And that’s true! But why are people curious about these topics and need to Google the answers they don’t already know?

I’d venture to bet every American knows who Tom Brady is or at least that he’s an athlete, most would know the basic facts of the moon landing, etc – but we don’t know Simone Biles as a household name because she’s a black woman. She’s also in a niche sport, and I’ll give you that, but you want to talk about revolutionary athletes? Let’s talk about a woman who has redefined her sport.

So, in typical fashion of us here at Abbey Research, the Google Ad is a good thing – but something worth investigating as to why it is as well as what it is.

Madame CJ Walker Biopic Get Release Date!

I have been excited for this project since Octavia Spenser got attached and now we finally have a release date! March 20 on Netflix will bring the story of the first self-made female millionaire in the U.S. and the founder of black hair care – Madame CJ Walker. Cannot wait.

And now… in Hamilton news…

A filmed performance of Hamilton featuring the entire original cast is heading to movie theaters in 2021 and I. Am. THRILLED. Not only because this means I get to see it again… and again… and again… but because it opens up this magic experience to millions of people for whom live theater is inaccessible.

I’m one of those theater people that thinks nearly everything should be filmed so that we can democratize the medium. I’m not precious about “the stage experience” because we all know it’s true. But everyone knows that and even if we put every Broadway performance on movie screens, people will still go to live theater because the medium will change. The stories, however, need to get out there. I need every living human to see Hamilton and I’m glad we’ll be closer to that goal.

And now… in Marvel news…

We’ve already covered one of the Dr. Kristen Friyay Bingo Squares – here’s another! We got the first glimpses this week of the first three shows dropping on Disney+ later this year – including the one I’m particularly excited for – Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which follows Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson after the events of Avengers: Endgame. The other shows – Lokand WandaVision look fun as well.

*insert fangirl squealing over Bucky facing down his abuser here*


That’s it from me this week – Dr. Erin will be back next week with more food for thought! 

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