5 Friyays: February 16

5 Friyays: February 16

Happy Friday, folks! It’s Dr. Hinson coming to you today from AR HQ in Philly. Dr Donnelly and I have been out ‘in the wild’ this week from Doylestown and King of Prussia, to City Hall and back, so my top 5 are as broad as our work for the week. One of the parts of our job that we love, and there are many, is that we operate in so many diverse spaces, and we enjoy bringing as many perspectives to you as we encounter! Let’s dive in and see what I came up with.

Wakanda Forever

Dr. Donnelly and I have already talked about our excitement over the Marvel movie Black Panther, and about the necessity of representation in the entertainment industry. But, since the film is released today, I wanted to give one more shout out to the immense impact art can have on changing our perspectives. For the LA premier on January 29, actors and guests were invited to wear “royal attire” for the red carpet. What transpired was a stunning visual display of a variety of cultures from sub-Saharan Africa, embodying on the red carpet what the film represents to the superhero genre.


Post PhD Life

In my time on the internet this week I came across a blog post called ‘The Sublimated Grief of the Left Behind.’ Now that may be an off-putting title for a lot of you, so I’m here to translate. Written by Erin Bartram, the blog details her emotionally trying experience of trying to land a tenure-track academic post following the completion of her PhD. For many reasons, neither Dr. Donnelly or I decided to immediately pursue that path after we graduated, but we both have struggled with losing aspects of our ‘academic’ roles along the way. We are the lucky ones who get to nurture that part of our professional training and personal passion through the work we do, but we are by far the exception. Bartram’s story tells of a broken system with an inadequate response to the ones left behind.

Ancestry of Athletes

The Good Doctors have spent most nights catching up on the spectacular display of talent on show at the 2018 Winter Games. During coverage this week, we were inspired by a commercial for Ancestry DNA that highlighted the diverse backgrounds of American athletes. If you haven’t yet seen it, prepare for goosebumps, get the tissues and enjoy! (Update: Video has been removed. We’re sorry!)

Triple Axel Goddess

While we’re on the Olympics, I wanted to shine the spotlight on Mirai Nagasu’s historic performance during the team competition this week. During her routine, she became the first American woman to land a triple axel in an Olympic competition. We love to highlight strong, boundary breaking women, and Mirai’s performance was inspirational to say the least!

Derry Girls

For our avid followers out there, you will know that Dr. Donnelly and I are still very involved in and passionate about all that takes place in and around the island of Ireland. This Winter a new show airing on British TV network Channel 4 has taken the UK and Ireland by storm and I wanted to talk about why it’s so important. ‘Derry Girls’ follows a group of girlfriends in Derry/Londonderry (yes, it really does have two names) attending high school during the 1990s. You don’t need a degree in Irish history to be drawn into their lives, but what is so important for those of us that do study Northern Ireland is the representation of women. Conflict is a very gendered area of study, since men are the majority of the politicians and the perpetrators of violence, history tends to focus on and elevate their narraties. ‘Derry Girls’ flips the script on that pattern and reminds us that everyone who lives through conflict has a story to tell, and we can learn a lot from giving time and space to their different perspectives.

That’s everything I have for this week’s 5 Friyays! What was burning up your inbox or feed this week? Dr. Donnelly will be bringing next week’s post to you live from Pittsburgh as we continue to criss-cross the state doing the work we love!

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