5 Friyays – February 26

5 Friyays – February 26

It’s Dr. Erin everyone and I don’t know about yinz, but this month felt like a decade or two. I’m happy to see the end of February and I’ve got a great list for my Friyays to show for it. 

Let’s Learn About Black Art

Though I am the resident art historian in The Good Doctors pair, I know almost nothing about Black art. Thus, I was thrilled to see the production of an HBO documentary called ‘Black Art: In the Absence of Light’ premier on February 9th. I haven’t watched it yet, but I cannot think of a better way to close out Black History Month than with a screening this weekend!

I Will Follow Regina King Anywhere

Speaking of Black art, this week I learned that acclaimed actor and director Regina King was greenlit to direct a movie about the political powerhouse Shirley Chisholm. If you haven’t seen King’s ‘One Night in Miami’ stop reading this sentence and go watch it now. I CANNOT wait to see what she will do with Shirley. This film will be on the top of my watch list.

Black, Disabled, and Beautiful

This past week a friend shared this op-ed by Nila Morton, a Black, disabled, self-described ‘queen on wheels.’ We talk about intersectionality a lot here at Abbey Research, but we don’t often get the intersection of race and ability. Spend a few minutes with Nila’s words and think about how your abilities grant you access or limit your access.

The Power of Public Art

This week, the Mayor of my beloved home town Pittsburgh, announced an $800,000 fund to commission local artists to create 18 new pieces of public art. My actual home, hometown of Colorado Springs boasts one of the most active public art scenes in the country, so I grew up seeing art celebrated in all shapes and forms. Pittsburgh has a long legacy of public art, but one that hasn’t been given as much attention of late. It’s so exciting to see this investment in local art and artists, and I cannot wait to see what they produce!

Is Dan Levy the Nicest Person in Hollywood?

I think we have a lot of anecdotal evidence that he might be close to the top, but we got some cold hard proof this week. Buzzfeed released a story linking a new tradition on SNL to Levy. When he hosted at the start of the month, he left a lovely post it note of support for the following host, Regina King. King did likewise, sharing her love for last week’s host Regé-Jean Page. It’s simple, and small, and lovely, and just what we would all think Dan would do.

That’s a wrap on my Friyays for this week and a wrap on the cold, dark, snow-buried month of February. The snow has melted, the sky is brighter, loved ones are getting vaccinated and it’s actually looking a little bit hopeful for March. 

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