5 Friyays – February 28

5 Friyays – February 28

Happy final Friday of February, all! Dr Erin here – back with my 5 top stories from the week that was! While swimming through all the coronavirus news, I tried to find some of the most significant stories aside from a looming global pandemic. Let’s roll on!

Now a Convicted Rapist

Although it seems like an age ago, Monday saw the welcome news that a jury convicted former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein of 3 counts of criminal sex act and rape. You may wonder why this is on my Friyay list, but convicting a serial predator like Weinstein is a big leap forward for victims and survivors of assault, abuse, and harassment around the world. We showed again that if victims and survivors come forward, people are held accountable – which will hopefully encourage more people to come forward in the future.

See Women Run

Following a rather silly news story about Congressperson Ocasio-Cortez wearing a (borrowed, second hand) designer outfit on television, we started yet another conversation about how much money women spend on clothes. The reality of costs and expectations placed on women in professional settings can be a barrier to women running for office. Enter, clothing designer M.M. LaFleur, who announced this week the start of their new program ‘Ready to Run’. The program will lend clothes from the designer’s collection to women who intend to run for office. This will make it a little bit easier to remove that particular barrier for women who want to serve in public office.

Have You Ever Heard of an EBUG?

This week also saw the lovely story of David Ayres, a sometimes Zamboni driver for the minor league affiliate of the Carolina Hurricanes. It’s a lesser known fact of professional hockey that every team has to have at least one, but usually several EBUG’s or Emergency BackUp Goalies. Each team has two goaltenders, but in the off chance that both players become unavailable, each team has an EBUG or two on the books in case of emergency. You can read the crazy story of why David got his chance in the big leagues here – but it was definitely one of my favorite stories from the week.

The Power of Art (Supplies)

I loved the story of Virginia student Bellen Woodard – who looked at a box of crayons and realized something was missing. While coloring with her friends, she realized that when her White friends asked for the ‘skin’ colored crayon, they meant the peach colored crayon. As a young Black girl, she felt unseen, so she decided to make some change and build art supply kits with Crayola’s Multicultural Colors pack. It’s such a simple and inventive way to start normalizing all the beautiful skin tones that exist in the world.

It Doesn’t Take Much to Make Change

This Tuesday the Scottish Parliament passed a bill to provide free sanitary products (pads and tampons) to all menstruating citizens. Scotland becomes the first nation in the world to make this provision free. Lack of access to sanitary products is a Global problem that limits women’s abilities to receive education, join the workforce, and live full productive lives. The Good Doctors salute Scotland for their progressive and impactful message this week.

Thus ends my Friyays for this week. Dr. K will be back next week – have a great weekend!


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