5 Friyays: February 9

5 Friyays: February 9

If you have followed ANY of our social media this week, you may be aware that we’re excited about the Eagles Super Bowl win! Dr. Donnelly may or may not have stopped breathing several times on Sunday evening and has not really been focused this week – full disclosure. Communal joy is powerful and Philly has been quite a city to live in this week.

I promise to not fill your feed with Eagles. But… I gotta have one.

Your 2017 Season CHAMPIONS!

The more I hear about this team, and how they function, and how they have each other’s backs, and what ‘teamwork’ means to them… the deeper I take them into my heart.
This season was a miracle, but one that was earned and fought for, and one that we’ll repeat next year.

Murderinos Unite!

I am a podcast fan and listen to many. My entry was NPR’s “Pop Culture Happy Hour” back in 2010, and then quickly became the girl who started many conversations with my friends with “So, I heard this on a podcast” while they rolled their eyes.

I listen to news ones, comedy ones, television ones (shout out to “Bachelor Party” with Juliet Litman as a personal fave), and a few Broadway ones. The most recent addition to the rotation is “My Favorite Murder” with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. These two HILARIOUS best friends talk about true crime (which fascinates me) but more importantly they talk about themselves. Their authenticity about mental health, addiction, recovery, family, therapy, anxiety, and everything else is breathtaking and life giving. In less than two years, they’ve become one of the top podcasts on iTunes and now tour the live show around the world.

In all of our talks about bravery and authenticity, Georgia and Karen have repeatedly come to my mind. The joking alternative name for MFM is “The F-word Murder Show” – so it’s a bit unfiltered for sure and not for everyone. But, if you love authenticity, true crime, and women being their pure selves… Stay sexy, and DON’T GET MURDERED.

Speaking Truth to Power

More brave women were giving me life this week. In Belfast, two rugby players are on trial for sexual assault and their lawyers – buoyed by the patriarchy – are busy arguing that the survivor is a liar and therefore his clients should go free. Problem being that she has consistently and vociferously explained that they assaulted and raped her. She is not backing down, despite enormous cultural pressure to do so, and I applaud her.

Also, Rachel Denhollander continues to be the woman I’d most like to have dinner with right now. After calling Larry Nassar, USA Gymnastics, and the Michigan State administration on the carpet – she also made clear her thoughts on Christian “ministries” who harbor abusers. I am still working on my project about sexism in Baptist seminaries and so much of what Rachel wrote here resonates with what my participants are saying.

Lupita N’yongo’s Home Town Gets to See Black Panther Before You Do

And I think that is SO RAD. Also, for more Black Panther related things, check out #WhatBlackPantherMeansToMe.

Sorry, I Lied: One More Eagles Thing

I have adored this week on social media – or at least on my feeds – because it has been full of families talking about what Sunday night meant to them. I saw a story about a woman who carried a small bottle of her father’s ashes to the parade, because she needed to be with him for this day. I saw photos of people taking the newspaper to their grandfather’s grave, or making their grandmother’s specific game-day chili, or explaining to their children what hope looks like when it comes dressed in green and silver.

Football is problematic and the NFL is driving me nuts and some of our fans were jerks who equated celebration with destruction – all of those are true. What is also true is that the power of collective joy is unstoppable and I will remember this week for the rest of my days.

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