5 Friyays: January 10

5 Friyays: January 10

Well, welcome to 2020, where it feels like we’ve already lived ten years and it is the first full week of the month. What a time to be alive, eh? This week kicked off with the Golden Globes and then I spent a lot of time thinking about Australia and how climate disasters already feel out of control, as well as talking to some of our on our Instagram account about goal setting versus resolutions and how they feel different. So, let’s crack on, shall we? 

Tom Hanks, Mayor of Hollywood

On Sunday night, Tom Hanks was awarded the Cecil B. DeMile Lifetime Achievement Award from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. His speech was amazing and moved both Dr. Erin and I to both cheers and tears (which we talked about here).

Michelle Williams’ Acceptance Speech

It is no secret that Michelle Williams is the most successful Dawson’s Creek alumna and also one of the most captivating actresses of my generation. When she accepted her award for her work on Fosse/Verdon on Sunday night (which you should all see, especially for how it highlights the power and respect inequality between the two and how they were treated by the larger industry), she credited her career with her own bodily autonomy. People have feelings about it, but professionally – all research we’ve encountered agrees. Women are more economically secure in countries where they have reproductive autonomy.

Are you a Sam’s Club member??

Moving on from the Globes, we got word this week that Ellis Island Tea is going to be distributed by Sam’s Club! The tea is manufactured by Naliah Ellis-Brown – who is the only Black-woman-owned beverage manufacturing plant in the U.S. – signed a deal with Sam’s Club to nationally distribute her family’s tea recipe. I’m a huge iced tea fan and the few times I’ve been able to find Ellis Island tea I have loved it – so this is fantastic news for consumers and for Brown alike!

Philadelphia Names New Police Commissioner

On December 30, Danielle Outlaw, the chief of police in Portland, Ore., was named as Philadelphia’s new police commissioner. She’ll start in February and this is huge for our city. Outlaw, 43, will be the first black woman to lead the city’s police force, and the second woman to take over as commissioner. She will also be the city’s youngest top cop in at least two decades, and with a salary of $285,000, among the city’s highest-paid employees. The department  continues to grapple with fallout from allegations in lawsuits and news accounts that its culture is marred by rampant sexual harassment, discrimination, and racism – and Outlaw said at her press conference that she knows what she’s getting into. Time will tell, of course, if this is a prudent move for the city, but it’s certainly an exciting one.

Mega Fire Forms

The news out of Australia continues to be dreadful. This morning, I woke up to the news that several of the fires have merged in a Mega Fire, which sounds like a Marvel villain and not something folks should have to live through. While the responsibility of rebuilding lies with the Australian government, we from afar can absolutely help provide some tangible resources as our ability allows. Abbey Research has donated some of our profits from last year and we’ll continue to monitor this situation as needs arise. I’m a big fan of making sure that grieving families get a casserole about three months after the funeral rush has died down, and funding for disaster relief is similar. What’s happening in Australia is not going to end soon. (Speaking of, Puerto Rico still needs help from Maria since the U.S. government completely dropped the ball.) Anyway, what I’m saying is that if you’re in a position to share your resources – the country that is literally on fire could use some of them. 


That’s all from me this week, folks. Dr. Erin will see you next week for another round of things we think you should know. 

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