5 Friyays: January 24

5 Friyays: January 24

We’re nearing the end of January – how has everyone’s first month gone? We’ve been busy little bees here at ARHQ – prepping content for you all for this year of focusing on hard questions and healing conversations. 

The Dirt on American Dirt

If you are someone who reads Oprah’s Book Club picks, can we encourage you to give the newest pick a pass? American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins is hypothetically the tale of a Mexican woman and her son as they make the arduous journey to the United States. However, it is full of problems. This article illuminates a lot of them –  not the least of which is that it takes a very, very complicated narrative and topic and reduces them down to the simplest terms. I knew this book wasn’t for me when I saw she named a Mexican boy child ‘Luca’ (not a typical Mexican name, and not the proper Spanish ending), but the more I hear about it, the more I’m glad I didn’t pick this thing up.

More Points about Hair

Hot on the heels of our coverage of You Can’t Touch My Hair, as well as Dr. Erin’s excellent blog on the topic, we have another dimension of a hair story to share with you. This week, Rep. Ayanna Pressley went public with her alopecia, saying that “as a black woman, the personal is political”. I encourage you to give the video embedded here a watch.  

Bodies in the Academy

We’ve talked a lot here at Abbey Research about fatness and bodies and we’ll continue to do so. I found this article specifically about fat women in the academy this week that I’d like to bring your attention to. Weight-based discrimination is not a small matter, but an oft-undiscussed one.

Xenophobia and Pregnancy

This is nonsense.

Your Brain on True Crime

As a True Crime buff – heyo, fellow murderinos! – I was fascinated by this article on Bustle about what effects reading such things has on your brain.


That’s it from me this week – Dr. Erin will be back next week with more food for thought! 

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